Living in Wisconsin might be just the affordable choice for many people who have been wanting a place with a reasonable cost of living. If you are seeking the variety, history, and entertainment facilities provided in a big city, but with shorter commutes and a relaxing and tranquil Midwestern vibe, Wisconsin may just be the place for you.

Living in WisconsinThe place has an upscale side, mainly in trendy districts such as the Historic Third Ward, and its proximity to Chicago keeps on attracting people, not to forget the excellent entertainment and dining options provided here, while the rural surroundings here have kept it well-grounded.

That being said, if you’re planning to settle in a new place and Wisconsin has been on your list for a long time or if you’re just contemplating about making a move here then you might want to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages. Here, we will take you through some pros and cons of living in Wisconsin.

Pros of Living in Wisconsin

1. Cost of living

Compared to the national average of 100, Wisconsin has a cost of living index of around 97 which means the place will let you expand your hard-earned dollar much more further than in several other states. A decent amount of monthly wage might just go a long way in Wisconsin. 

2. Cheap Rent

Ranked among the top five states for having affordable monthly rent, Wisconsin is also among the only ten states where renting is considered cheaper and more manageable than buying. That being said, if you’ve already been planning to buy a home, then that is also pretty much affordable in this state.

3. Recreational Activities

If you haven’t already heard, Wisconsin is pretty famous for its year-round outdoor recreation activities, ranging from snow sports and whitewater rafting to boating and fishing for steelhead on the Great Lakes. So if you are someone who’s into outdoorsy fun activities, this state might be just the place for you. 

4. Four Seasons

If you’re among those people who appreciate the changing of the seasons, you will have so much love for what Wisconsin has to offer. With a beautiful display of all four seasons – spring, summer, fall, and winter, this state will keep you in awe almost every day.

5. Parks all over the place

For folks who are into hiking, camping, and the like, you will have plenty to do in the 47 state parks (which include Newport State Park, Devil’s Lake State Park, and High Cliff State Park). You will always have the choice of going for a mini-vacation or on a mini adventure if when you become a resident of this state.

6. Tons of Festivals

Milwaukee in Wisconsin has been dubbed as the ‘City of Festivals,’ which makes it pretty clear that there you will get to be a festival that matches your particular tastes including food, music, art, culture, the list goes on. There’s almost always a celebration going on in this state.

7. Cheese, Brewskis & Brats

You may join along with the others in calling it The Dairy State as Wisconsin offers you a trio of popular and loved items, namely: cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, etc.) and craft beer (e.g., New Glarus’ Spotted Cow and Belgian Red), and bratwurst.

Cons of Living in Wisconsin

1. Higher taxes

In the 2019 Tax Rates as noted by State by WalletHub, Wisconsin got the 45th ranking overall in the nation. The state is also known to have one of the highest property tax rates in the US. So even though the costs of living and housing might be on the lower side, you will just have to consider setting out some money for the taxes.

2. Extreme temperatures

This extremity of temperature goes both ways. Particularly during summer, in the southern part of the state, the temperature can just flutter in the 90s. During wintertime, the average low is around 7°F along with a bunch of snow.

3. Moo smell

Once again calling it The Dairy State, since Wisconsin is the main producer of dairy in the United States, all that goodness and production, unfortunately, comes with one stinky problem, that is manure. This byproduct has become an unpleasant outcome and is more of an issue in rural areas rather than the city parts, but it certainly still bears mentioning.

4. Overweight Issues

With all that dairy goodness, another problem that has arisen is that Wisconsinites tend to be on the heavier side. A high rate of obesity has been noted here due to the diet including cheese, brew, brats, etc., and the sedentary nature which comes with cold winter living.

5. Pesky Bugs

In Wisconsin, there’s no escape from a large variety of pests such as beetles and mosquitoes, gnats, and boxelder bugs. You’ll just have to make sure to pack a bottle or two of bug spray before making a move in this state.

6. Wacky laws

To put it simply, Wisconsin has its fair share of strange statutes. For example, it is against the law to produce cheese that’s not “highly pleasing.” Also, it is illegal in La Crosse to worry about squirrels. You’ll just have to make peace with these senseless yet sturdy laws of the state and you’re good to go.

Cost of Living

Having gone through the pros and cons of living, you might have an idea about whether you want to settle in Wisconsin or not. If you’re planning on the affirmative then further we have listed the basic costs of living to help your settling get easier. 

The cost of living of Madison in Wisconsin has been known to be 7% higher as compared to the national average. The cost of living in any area might vary on the basis of factors such as your career, the average salary earned, and the real estate market of that area. 

1. Housing, Utilities & Transportation

The housing expenses in Madison, Wisconsin are 9% higher than the national median and the utility prices are 5% higher than the national median. While the expenses for transportation such as bus fares and gas prices are 7% higher than the national average.

2. Food & Grocery

The grocery prices in Madison, Wisconsin are 3% higher than the national average.

3. Healthcare

Healthcare in Madison, Wisconsin is 22% higher compared to the national average.