Moving to the US? Discover the top opportunities and services available for students and workers. Learn about important considerations for relocating with your family before making the big move.

Moving to the USA with Family
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Things to Know Before Moving to the US with Family

Moving to the US with your family? Get the facts before you go. This article provides an overview of important considerations for your move, but it is not intended as legal advice. For specific information on your situation, consult the relevant US state department. Discover the top ten things you need to know before moving to the United States.

1. Moving to the US without a job?

Moving to the USA without a job is possible, but it’s not easy there. You will need permanent visas granted based on family, investments, employment, and studies. Whereas, if you plan to move to the USA with your company, they need to sponsor your application.

Importantly, job hunters need to beware of scams because it’s not easy to get a job there. If the job posting that you applied for asks you to pay for administration costs, visa, applications training materials then, it’s likely that the offer is a scam.

To know that the posting is from authorized sources, you must do a background check. You need to make sure you ask for the organization’s address, contact, history, and other information. If the content is not transparent and kept, then the offer must be fake.

Also, if they attract you with huge incentives in a short period, then be skeptical about the vacancy post.

2. Green Card is not mandatory

If you don’t have a green card, you need an appropriate US visa to enter the USA or a valid ESTA. If you have an employment-related card, then it will help you to work for specific employment only.

However, a green card offers permanent residency in the United States. US residents must sponsor your application if you’re not going with a green card. The whole process may take time from months to years which depends on the type of immigration.

3. Healthcare in the USA isn’t free

Compared to Australia, the USA has different approaches to healthcare facilities. It charges a 2% medicare tax. Also, private medical insurance is mandatory. Ambulance and other medical facilitator asks you about health insurance before they take you anywhere.

The US government doesn’t provide health care facilities to its citizen or visitors like other countries. Employers also conduct private health care plans, which are way more beneficial. Compared to other countries, healthcare facilities charge more in the US.

4. Lots of Paperwork

Prepare yourself to get involved in various papers works before going to the USA. If the documents are not in English, you need to translate and print them in English. You need to carry all the related documents with you while moving to the USA. Here is a checklist of the documents required are

Visa, Passport, CV, Signed contract (if you are moving with the employer), Academic certificates, medical insurance, investment documents, bank statements, driving license, medical certificate, history of medical treatments, vaccination reports, religious certificates, etc.

5. Driver’s License is Important

You are allowed to drive with a foreign license as a tourist in the USA, but once you get permanent residency, you need to get a driver’s license that meets their criteria. Driving without a license is illegal and criminal activity. It can harm your immigration status as well.

Insurance companies will also be reluctant to cover if something unfortunate happens if you drive illegally. They tend to consider it as a moral hazard. It may cost you tens to thousands of dollars in fines and health care expenses. So make sure you get your license before moving to the USA. It will help you to swap out your foreign driver’s license and drive legally.

6.  Fewer Holidays

Moving to the US and working there will help you to grab lots of opportunities. However, you barely get vacations and holidays. You will get fewer chances to spend time with your family and friends. The employer is often obliged to pay annual leaves according to US law. An average worker gets granted only ten days of vacation. On public holidays employers can choose whether to give it or not. Usually, there are fewer holidays and day-offs in the USA.

7. Focused Work Culture

People in the US are productive. They barely waste their time. They are more concerned with work and rarely take leave. Unlike other countries, US law doesn’t set any working hours. On average, a full-time employee works 8.5 hours a day. However, it varies from company to company. Other cultures might find quite an individualistic way of working in America.

8. Variance in the Cost of Living

Compared to other developed nations, famous cities like San Fransisco, LA, and New York are affordable for living in. However, the cost of living varies from city to city in the USA. It depends upon how far you want to live away from the city area. The cost of groceries also varies from city areas to rural areas in the USA.

In big cities, they use transported goods from rural areas and farmlands, which costs quite expensive. In terms of education, the state has both private and public schools. Studies in private are costly. Overall, the education cost in the US is not cheap as it provides the best quality education.

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9. Housing or Accommodation

Always arrange for proper accommodation before moving to the USA. If you are staying with your family members, then it is easier. If you are planning to rent a house, then make sure you arrange it before arriving. Also, rather than signing into yearly contracts, use monthly deals. It will be easier to adjust.

10. Social Security Card

When you arrive in the USA, the top to-do list you need is to make your social security card. A social security card is crucial for identification. Without this card, you are not allowed to work in the USA. So, don’t forget to make this card and apply for a bank account as well.

Hence, these are essential things you need to know before moving to the USA with your family.