If you’re seeking a change and planning to live long term in Bulgaria, you’re up for a treat and it turns out, Bulgaria has lots to offer to its residents. No matter if you love the beach or if you’re into hiking, the sunny beach and stunning mountains will be just at your feet at any season. Below we’ll be finding out more about life in Bulgaria for a new immigrant. Let’s dive into the exciting opportunities this country has to offer.

Living in BulgariaLife as an ex-pat at any place seems challenging at first, but once you come around you will see how choosing a change of places is one of the best decisions you ever made. Here are some reasons that help you get through the initial challenges, making Bulgaria a comfortable home for you.

The Bulgarian Way of life

Expats mostly choose this country for its interesting job offers and to improve their careers. While families are also drawn because of its excellent educational system. The amazing burst of new culture also comes as a bonus.

You might want to save up some money before making your move to Bulgaria as there will be some expenses in the beginning, especially if you’re planning to stay on a long-term basis.

Certain things such as paying a deposit and rent, making sure to a data plan for your phone, and the arrangement of documents at the municipality all need to be completed when you first arrive. All these might cost extra money that you may not have prepared in the beginning.

Since access to public transport is pretty essential. You might want to purchase a monthly pass right in the beginning so that you’ll be able to see and discover the districts in a short time.

To have good internet access, you’ll have to sign up with a local mobile network. And for locating the closest supermarkets and things like that, you should get ready to use the map applications on your phone. It is also recommended that you download the public transport map.

Good People

As most people in Bulgaria are very friendly and respectful to each other, you won’t have a hard time making friends here. The only problem that might arise is the language barrier but it just depends on the type of friends you have or you’ve been wanting to make. You can always get along with your colleagues and neighbors and other English-speaking residents.


Here, you will easily get a fully furnished home with cheaper rent. You’ll soon find out that things are quite close in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

You will also soon come to notice the differences in the size and amount of parks and green areas in Sofia. Public transport here works really well. And you won’t necessarily need a car to go anywhere in the city. There are plenty of locations that are less populated but it might get a little bit cold due to the climate.

Leisure Life

For the newcomers who want to explore around the place, there are plenty of places to see, all depending on your interests. Sofia has plenty of historical cultures and there´s always quite a lot of events happening in the center.

Anyone visiting Sofia must go and see the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The parks and gardens are also quite stunning. You won’t see as many parks and green areas near the center in any other capitals around the world. Apart from that, you might also want to take a short trip to Vitosha mountain. You also don’t want to miss the experience of having lunch or dinner in a Mehana.


When living in Bulgaria, it is essential that you stay as flexible and open-minded as you can. Since being an ex-pat you will have to adjust constantly and stay ready for anything.

Things might get easier if you learn the basics of the local language. Especially when you’re making a follow-up on transactions and procedures at a government agency. Else you might need some aid from a local for translation and documentation. Learning Bulgarian will always make things a little easier for you.

If you’re planning to live in Sofia, then living close to a metro station would prove to be an advantage. But finding just the right place to live in an instant may not be so realistic. After making your way around and knowing the neighborhoods, you can always move to another place. It would definitely help if you learned the basics in Bulgarian before moving.

Getting Along With the Locals

You will certainly get the sense of being integrated when living in this country as you’ll be able to do almost anything that you could have done in your old home country. You will often be invited to fun events and for lunch, dinner by your colleagues or neighbors or any Bulgarian friends as they are the nicest people.

And if you want to blend in better, you could always buy a book on the Bulgarian language since it’s a good way of learning the key phrases. It will also help if you initially learn to express that you aren’t a native speaker of the language, you could also learn how to say sorry in Bulgarian, to seem polite.

Other important lines would be to learn how to ask for a bill, the menu, and prices. Along with these phrases, you might want to also learn numbers as you’ll be needing them often. Another helpful thing would be to learn the days of the week.

While focusing on celebrating life rather than just stressing overwork, the Bulgarians are known to live life the simple way. They believe that their career will follow suit once they are happy and content. People in Bulgaria are not only just laid back and friendly, but they are also ambitious while putting a focus on education and career development.

You might want to get in contact with ex-pats as it will provide much help in gathering more information about life as an ex-pat in Bulgaria. Along with that, you’ll also have a better knowledge of the living standards, working life and culture. Hope you have a great new beginning to your life in Bulgaria!