It can be a wonderful experience to live in Mexico. You will enjoy plenty of warm weather in this country which has a rich, colorful culture. It is possible to live in the coastal areas as the currency exchange rates are favorable with most nations. When you decide to call this country home, you will even have most of the conveniences that you’re used to having.

Living in MexicoHigh quality of life is offered in Mexico. And if you’ve heard stories about crime and cartels, you need not worry because violent incidents targeting foreigners or ex-pats are rare over here. That’s why this country is loved by many who embrace the nomadic lifestyle. You can be enjoying the intricacies of the culture, find work online or find a traditional job.

If you want to live in Mexico, there are several pros and cons that you will want to consider first. Even though plenty of people find the experience to be positive and memorable, there are some reasons why you may want to give this matter some extra thought.

Pros of Living in Mexico

1. Weather

If you choose to live in a northerly climate, then it will take some time for you to adjust to Mexico’s climate. Throughout each season, the weather is consistent. You won’t find any cold winters to manage. There also won’t be any huge snowdrifts to avoid.

If it matches your preference, the northern part of the country tends to be hot and dry. Throughout the year, the central mountains remain fairly mild. The pleasant breezes along the coast will make any hot day feel bearable. This means you can begin exploring the extraordinary history of Mexican culture any time you want or whenever you have spare time.

2. World-class Beach Experience

When you begin living in Mexico, then you’ll be right at a place where everyone else wants to vacation. You’ll be in close proximity to the Pacific and Caribbean coasts here, which suggests there’s an experience for everybody to enjoy.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn to sail, start surfing or enjoy sportfishing most year long. The ocean of Cortez offers some amazing kayaking experiences. You’ll also find numerous snorkeling and diving spots to explore once you have some downtime.

There are only a few places in Mexico where it might take longer than a day to visit the beach. Since that also means you’re getting adventure on the way, it’s certainly a win/win situation.

3. Good Healthcare Options

Even though Mexico is known for being closer to a third-world nation than its counterparts in Canada and the US, the healthcare options you receive are incredible. You’ll visit the local medical clinic for cheaper than 100 pesos, which is about $5 with the 2019 exchange rates.

Add in a few extra bucks for the medication you would possibly need, and you’ll get the care you need. You’ll also secure insurance to go to a doctor or dentist, but everything in this category is affordable even if you don’t have it.

4. Food

You will start enjoying one of the best culinary experiences in the world from the perspective of a local when you start living in Mexico. You’ll notice fantastic smells filled in the air every day, from the classic taco range to complex seafood dishes with stunning sauces. You’ll be working out a little extra to keep your weight down if you love street food.

5. Affordable Living

For most people, the most significant advantage of living in Mexico is the favorable exchange rate. Almost everything is going to cost less as compared to your home country.

The prices may differ based on the area where you live, but there are noticeable cost reductions in food, rent, transportation, and entertainment for you to benefit from. In most cities, you’ll be able to live comfortably for less than $1,000 per month. If you make sure to keep to a tight budget in the outlying efforts, you can go below $500 per month  

Cons of Living in Mexico

1. Crime Issue

Like every other part of the world, Mexico also isn’t free of crime. It wouldn’t be right to say that Mexico is not safe, but you’ll have to make some changes to your lifestyle before moving to Mexico. Most of the incidents are petty criminal acts such as stealing and pickpocketing.

If you forget your purse or wallet, leaving it in your car, you won’t be able to find it in the morning. The tires of your car will be missing in the morning if you park them on the street at night. You’ll have to be smart around public areas, invest in a good security system, and you’re good to go.

2. Traffic

If you’ve found a rush hour in Los Angeles or New York City bothersome, then you haven’t yet experienced what Mexico City offers. You’ll be experiencing intense traffic here at any time of the day, and the timing isn’t always predictable either. The problem gets worsened by some bureaucratic mismanagement, like a 3-lane highway being shut down to paint stripes in the middle of the day. To avoid the usual periods of traffic-heavy times, you can plan your outings.

3. Water Problem

There is no guarantee that you’ll have access to running water when you live in Mexico. Faucets running dry for a day or two even in places like Puebla or Mexico City can be considered normal.

Water stoppages are pretty common in this country and homes, apartment buildings, along with some businesses, store a large tank under their yard or driveway. You’ll have to check your tank every day to know when it has run dry. There will be instances when you may not even receive your water on a planned day.

4. Slow Deliveries

People have a way of working at their own speed in Mexico. The idea of a deadline is more of a suggestion than an actual expectation. Only if you object publicly about the service you’re receiving, then most people will get your things to you.

You’ll experience some companies trying to take advantage of you even when your agreements are in writing. Everyone will be kind and super nice in their interactions with you but it doesn’t change the fact that your stuff may not arrive on the expected day. 

5. Busy Nightlife

Mexico is going to be the place for you in case you’re searching for a place that thrives in the night all week long. Someone will be throwing a party that is going to make your windows shake at all hours of the evening, even if you’re deep in a family-friendly neighborhood.

Even the kids join in until they can’t dance anymore. When being asked to turn the noise down, you’ll get a shrug and be told that there is a party going on. With this possible disadvantage of living in Mexico, you might as well join them instead of trying to change their ways.

Cost of Living

Life in Mexico can be an adventure in itself if you choose to look past the few disadvantages. Here we have the basic costs of living covered if you’re planning to pay a visit. 

1. Housing

Living in the Mexican capital will cost you higher than the national average, but still much lower than in the U.S. According to, the typical price for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is $510 per month in April 2020, while a condominium with three bedrooms costs just over $1,000.

A one-bedroom unit In an outlying neighborhood costs much lower at around $300 per month on average, while a three-bedroom apartment is under $650 in April 2020.

2. Healthcare

You’ll be able to sign up for one of Mexico’s nationalized health systems if you have a valid residence visa. Your healthcare costs will run about $500 per adult per year or less with IMSS, including any medications that you choose to buy on your own.  Having private health insurance can add several thousand dollars a year to a couple’s yearly costs (perhaps $300 a month).

3. Utilities

Utilities are pretty affordable in Mexico. With medium electricity use, you’ll be expected to pay about $30 for power, water, and garbage service in 2020. For only about $23, unlimited broadband Internet service is available. It costs  $0.06 per minute for prepaid cell phone service. There are also service plans available from local mobile carriers.