St. Croix comes on the list of the most stunning places in the world to relocate to. St.Croix has an abundance of everything, from crystal clear waters, and gorgeous island hikes, to other jaw-dropping natural wonders. This is also the largest of the US Virgin Islands.

Living in St. Croix

Living in St. Croix
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Here you can also find a bustling city with tourists galore and downtown nightlife. All this beauty and entertainment can attract enough immigrants to this island every year. And if you’re among the ones seeking to settle here, below we have listed a few pros and cons and the basic costs of living in St.Croix.

Pros of Living in St.Croix

1. Open Culture

The locals may seem somewhat standoffish when you first make your way on the island. But it’s only because the locals are accustomed to the frequent coming and going of the tourists. This is why they wouldn’t get into a friendship that would end quickly.

Nevertheless, once they become certain that you’re here for the long term, the islanders will readily take you in as a second family. The cultures here are pretty tight-knit and the people always take care of their own and are willing to lend a helping hand anytime.

2. Perfect Weather

The daily temperature in St.Croix differs from 72℉ to 88℉ on average and you’ll never witness it dropping below 68℉ or climbing above 90℉, meaning that all year round this island flourishes in a beautiful sunny temperature. By living here, you’ll be able to entirely escape the winter.

3. Limitless Beach Time

St.Croix has 23 official beaches and the best thing is you can explore all of them anytime you want. You won’t ever find yourself more than half an hour away from the coast while living on the island. If you’re into swimming or surfing in the ocean, where you’ll get to do it to your heart’s content.

4. Fascinating Nature

Besides the official beaches, St.Croix also has other reserves and inlets for you to pay a visit. The low tides will reveal secret cliffside beaches that are best for a private swimming session or a quick walk down. There are also numerous hiking and biking trails on the island for you to explore.

This island also lets you enjoy the sights of many pretty songbirds and reptiles. And as you head over about a hundred meters off the coast, you’ll come across the real wonders, such as whales, giant sea turtles, and iguanas, all living near the island.

5. Great Food

As expected, the seafood here is more than just incredible but other than that, there are also delightful small stands and shops for local treats and ice cream. Don’t miss out on events that demonstrate the island’s culinary expertise, the Taste of St. Croix festival or St. Croix Food and Wine.

6. Lots of Local Produce

Luckily for all the health freaks and fruit lovers out here, St.Croix is full of fresh fruit. There are numerous farms on this island that locally sell everything.
On this island, taking a walk down to your favourite local market and picking up some of the freshest and sweetest bananas and mangoes you’ve ever tasted, is both simple and inexpensive.

Cons of Living in St.Croix

1. Electricity and Cell Coverage

People on St.Croix face difficulty with cell phone connections and power just as any other island nation. There are frequent power outages, in the remote parts of the island, the cell phone coverage can be spotty.
There are also complaints about the connectivity and speed of the internet from some ex-pats. It might take a long time to upload large content and videos.

2. Healthcare

Since St.Croix is a small nation, there aren’t plenty of medical staff available here. This means you may be waiting for a long time at the hospital or you may even have to go seeking some specialists on the island.

3. Expensive

You will have to be careful while living in St. Croix as it is firstly a tourist destination, and you can end up living with the expense spent on a luxury vacation. If you’re eating at popular restaurants or relishing busy activities, you may not be able to save much money.

However, if you’re careful as a local, you’ll get your way around escaping the tourist economy and you’ll find all the right places to shop and cut down energy costs.

4. Crime

St. Croix is no stranger to crime as the crime report here is regular and some areas can even be dangerous. A majority of the crimes are linked with personal theft or related to gangs. The remote parts of the island won’t make you feel unsafe but you might want to be vigilant when it comes to crowded metropolitan areas with pickpockets.

5. Poor Road Quality

The infrastructure in St.Croix could use some rejuvenation like several of the Virgin Islands. The government hasn’t yet fixed the potholes on some famous roads, despite how long you live there. The best way to get around would be by purchasing a four-wheel-drive vehicle or a truck.

Cost of living in St.Croix

1. Cost of Housing in St. Croix

On this island, a one-bedroom apartment located in the city centre will cost you $1,700. A three-bedroom apartment in the city centre comes for $2,925. Outside the city centre, you’ll be paying $1,250 and $2,766.67 for a one-bedroom and three-bedroom apartment respectively.

2. Cost of Utilities in St.Croix

The cost for utilities such as electricity, heating, cooling, and garbage for an apartment will cost you $392.25 on average. You’ll be paying around $83 for the internet.

3. Cost of Food & Dining in St. Croix

St. Croix has a blend of dishes from the different cultures making up its population. Here, you’ll find yourself enjoying a mix of Indian, Caribbean, African, Latin American, and European dishes.

There is also plenty of seafood to have your pick from. And the herbs and spices here are locally grown as they bring mouth-watering flavours to all the recipes.

The food prices in St.Croix aren’t much different from what you might be paying in most U.S cities. A casual meal at an inexpensive restaurant will cost you $26.50. For a 3-course at a nice restaurant, you’ll be paying $19.00. And it is $9.00 for the McDonald’s combo.