Everyone knows that there is no city in the world quite like Las Vegas. It is also home to millions of people while millions of others call it their next travel destination. And the reasons are all very understandable.

Facts About Vegas
Photo by Ameer Basheer on Unsplash

Facts about Vegas You Need to Know

The things you find here can’t be found anywhere else on the globe. Whether you’ve made Sin City your home or you’re just dropping by for a long weekend, you can be certain to explore all that Las Vegas has to offer.

There are several hidden gems here that you may have missed or not know about. Keep reading to learn some of the facts about Las Vegas.

 1. Spanish Origins

Las Vegas was named after the Spanish term for “the meadows”. This place was covered with wild grass everywhere when the Spanish first came here in the 19th century. It also very well provided the desert spring waters to the parched westward travelers.

In 1905, the settlement here was founded after a railroad opened linking  Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. Some farmers were attracted by the stopover while others (mostly from Utah) moved to the area, and freshwater was piped into the settlement.

2. Vegas Has Loads of Cash

This can be quite an amazing place for living and raising a family, partially thanks to the state’s lowest taxes in the nation. Certain taxes aren’t even present in Nevada but other states have them. Most of the money spent on tourism gets invested back into funding for roads, schools, and parks as the tourist industry in this city is so healthy.

3. No Sense of Time

The gaming casinos of Las Vegas have absolutely no clocks or windows just to make sure that the gamers lose the complete and utter sense of time and reality. You might even be amazed by artificial skies or ‘sky ceilings’ as they are called, inside some large hotels in Las Vegas.

4. It’s An Easy Life

In other parts of the country, people in the service industry such as bartenders and cocktail waitresses might not earn enough to make ends meet. But here in Las Vegas, you can make a comfortable living as a bartender. Such jobs here can easily pay six-figure salaries. If you’re someone who enjoys making or serving drinks, moving to Nevada might be just the right step for you.

 5. No Gambling in Boulder

Located right outside of Vegas, people living in Boulder City have to complete their gambling streak in the city before they return home. Since their hometown is among the only two cities in Nevada prohibiting gambling.

 6. Destination Weddings

A dream destination among the people, Las Vegas’ popularity amidst couples has only increased over the years. At present, the city has become a special wedding destination for several people. Each month about 10,000 couples get married in the city.

If you’re wondering why this is such a popular destination for weddings. The answer is simple. The marriage laws here are lax and it’s quite affordable to do, as a marriage license costs only $77 and can be obtained in just minutes. You don’t have to go through a blood test and no waiting period is required. A bonus is that you can get married by Elvis and that too in a tiny chapel downtown for no more than $100. Making it quite a bargain.

7. Too Bright

When observed from outer space, the Las Vegas Strip comes off as the brightest place on the earth (yes, literally). The lavish El Rancho Vegas resort opened a place in 1941, which later became the Las Vegas Strip. At present, it is among the most popular places in Vegas.

 8. $51 Per Hour to Keep the Sky Beam on

Among the most notable parts of the city, the Sky Beam is one installation here you can see at night as your flight is coming in for its landing. You might want to think of it like a North Star. When you get confused about where you are, just look for the Sky Beam and find your way.

9. Las Vegas Has Over 150,000 Hotel Rooms

You won’t have a hard time finding a vacant room in Vegas if you’re looking for a place to stay. Here you’ll find tons of them; more than 150,000, to be precise. Anything less couldn’t be expected from the most popular tourist destination in the world. Not to forget, this place being the entertainment capital.

10. The Fountains at Bellagio use “Grey Water”

It may sound mysterious and alluring, but in reality, it’s just gross. If you’ve ever tried fighting the urge to hop the railing and go for a dip, thank yourself that you didn’t give in. Because the Bellagio fountains and man-made lakes churn water that’s been recycled from showers, tubs, and sinks all over the city. It’s stunning. You’ll be mesmerized. But it’s also slightly contaminated. You can look, but please don’t touch!

Keeping the sanitation issues aside, these fountains are truly a sight to behold. Even the locals can’t help stopping and staring. According to assumptions, the lake holds 22 million gallons of water. And the fountain is no joke either as it shoots up the water 460 feet high. Made of 1,200 nozzles, 4,500 lights, and 8,000 meters of pipe, the fountain itself is a wonder.

11. A Hospital Themed Restaurant

You won’t come across a restaurant in any part of the world with the name, ‘Heart Attack Grill’! It only happens here, in Vegas. This is a hospital-themed restaurant and the waitresses here are referred to as nurses, the orders get written down as prescriptions.

Adding to the funk, the diners that are happy to do a weigh-in with the “nurses” weighing more than 25 stone can dine for free!

Talking more about the food scene, Vegas also doesn’t fall back in this category. It might not possibly be because of the cuisine or its quality, but just due to the abundance of it all.

60,000 pounds of shrimp are consumed here in just one day!