Finland is a Northern European nation that borders Sweden, Norway, and Russia. This country has many attractions including the Northern Lights, which can be best seen between September and April.

Facts bout Finland

Finland is also Europe’s third most expensive country. The nation directs universal healthcare and makes use of income, property, and sales tax to balance the cost. If you’re planning on settling in Finland or simply curious about it, here we have listed some facts about Finland.

1. The Best Place to Spot the Northern Lights

Finnish Lapland will give you a view of some of the world’s best Northern Lights.

Known as the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights can appear more than 200 nights a year. And we’re talking about every winter night.

2. More Forest and Water than anywhere else in Europe

If you’ve heard of Finland being the “Land of a Thousand Lakes” then you did not hear wrong and adding to the delight, it is also a land of a thousand forests. More than 70 % of Finland is taken over by stunning forest which is larger than any other European nation and an area larger than the UK or Italy!

On the other hand, the 188 000 lakes of Finland are so wide that Finland has the most water concerning landmass of all the nations in the world. A bonus, this water is also some of the cleanest.

3. Freedom to roam the land: Everyman’s right

There is a Finnish term known as “Everyman’s right” (Jokamiehen Oikeus) which means that you can walk freely in nature, wherever you want.

As you take in the smells and sounds, the forests here also offer the taste of mushrooms, berries, and wonderful fresh air brought by some of Europe’s last wilderness regions.

4. The Most Creative Food Scene

One delightful Finnish fact is about Restaurant Day which is a day when any person can set up a restaurant of their choice, that too, wherever they want.

Also, it might come off as a surprise that Helsinki has some of the most happening food scenes in Europe.

5. The one and only Santa Claus

Finland is the sole place in the world where you can meet the real Santa Claus.

Even though originally from Korvatunturi, the man in red has now settled in Rovaniemi, Lapland, where he greets visitors all year round.

6. The Best Place for Skiing

Way over six months, from late October until May, the skiing season lasts pretty long in Finland. The ski slopes are lit well during the darkest winter days while in the spring the sun shines until late at night.

And if you’re enthused about going cross-country then in the Finnish Lapland you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of kilometers worth of ski tracks. For instance, Ylläs’ 330km of tracks are greater than what any place has to offer in Europe.

7. The Cleanest Air

It might come off as a pleasant surprise that Helsinki has some of the cleanest tap water of all large cities in the world and adding to the perks, Kilpisjärvi in Lapland is known for having the cleanest air in Europe.

8. 3+ Million Saunas most per capita

A category where Finland certainly sets itself distinct from the rest of the world, Finns are undoubtedly the champions of sauna as they have more than 3 million of them, which is more than one sauna for every other resident.

Adding to this, the hundreds of thousands of quaint lakeside cottages and cabins, you may want to guarantee peace.

9. The Safest Place in the World

Finland falls among the few nations in the world where lost wallets and mobile phones get returned to their rightful owner. People in this country feel secure walking by themselves in city parks or using public transport regardless of the hour.

10. Most Coffee Lovers

This might have something to do with the pretty cold winters but the Finns just love their coffee. Compared to any other country in the world, Finnish people consume more coffee per person.

This means that there are numerous amazing coffee shops and cafes for visitors and residents to explore around Finland.

11. The one and only Midnight Sun Film Festival

It is certainly time to be festive when the sun stays up for more than two continuous months in the northernmost parts of the nation. The most enigmatic of summer events is perhaps the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä, Lapland.

The event’s 30th anniversary was marked in 2015, where tens of thousands of international movie buffs were invited to watch films under the never-setting sun.

12. The Home of the Moomins

Not only Santa Claus, but Finland also houses some pretty mysterious little creatures called the Moomins.

The Moomins were created by the very talented Finnish author and illustrator Tove Jansson, and their presence can certainly be felt and seen, both metaphorically in the surrounding nature and literally in places such as the Naantali Moomin World or the Tampere Moomin Museum.

13. The Boldest Design

Finland can undoubtedly be called a true design nation. Finland has given rise to some of the world’s most imitated and admired designers and architects. This nation has been setting trends for decades from Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair as James Bond’s favorite seat to Marimekko Poppies worn by Jackie O.

14. The Greatest Heavy Metal Bands

Some names that can get metal-loving hearts racing all around the world, including, Apocalyptica, HIM, Nightwish, Amorphis were formed in Finland.

There aren’t any rivals for them as Finland’s heavy metal bands seem to be in a league of their own. You might want to see that for yourself at the great Tuska open-air metal festival in June!

15. The Craziest Events

The citizens of Finland tend to go a little over the board when it comes to content and events, the names such as Wife Carrying, Air Guitar Playing or Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships speak for themselves!

Well, the only important thing is that you let yourself go and have fun, no matter if an event “makes sense” or not.