The second-largest city in Texas, Dallas is located on the Trinity River. It has its place on the rolling prairie of the state’s north-central plain, and it is around 225 miles (360 km) northwest of Houston, the biggest city of Texas. Facts About Dallas Texas

12 Facts about Dallas Texas You Should Know

The climate in Dallas is mostly described by long, mild winters which are often broken by cold “northers”, there are short seasons of spring and fall and some months of torrid summer heat.

There might be many things you know about this delightful city while some facts might come off surprising. Read on to know a few facts about Dallas, Texas.

1. Houses the Country’s Largest Urban Arts District

Known for being the biggest urban arts district in America, The Dallas Arts District is situated downtown. A center for creativity and inspiration, the district has 68-acres for performance and visual arts. The Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Theatre Center, Morton. H. Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and Nasher Sculpture Center are among the highlights of this district. The Dallas Arts District is close to Uptown Dallas apartment rentals, only a mile to be exact, as they are located at AMLI Design District and AMLI Quadrangle.

2. The Cowboys were first known as the Steers

The Dallas Cowboys’ success has been envied and admired in the pro sports world as the name holds five championship trophies and eight Super Bowl appearances. The club has had three distinct homes and hundreds of players have come and gone during the 58-year tenure of the club. But its franchise hasn’t been changed since its inaugural year. Dallas’ NFL team gave up on its career as the Steers, then took a few weeks playing as the Rangers. All that before general manager Tex Schramm fixated on the Cowboys.

3. World’s largest Column-Free Room

Since 2009, AT&T Stadium has been a home field for the Cowboys’ and it has the world’s largest column-free interior to show off. It has enough space that the Statue of Liberty could stand inside the stadium even with the retractable roof closed, while still leaving 15 feet of clearance.

4. The Dallas Zoo had a Peculiar Opening

When it opened in 1888, it had an animal population of four. The City of Dallas purchased two mountain lions and two deers from a resident of Colorado City. The animals were placed in pens in City Park and just like that, the Dallas Zoo was formed. At present, this award-winning zoo houses more than 2,000 animals, while more than 400 species are represented.

5. The Country’s largest Model Train Exhibit is in Dallas

The Children’s Medical Center Dallas has eight trains that run consecutively on the two-story model railroad, as a part of a constant exhibit in the lobby. Widely known among the most engaging and family-friendly attractions, the exhibit in the DFW metroplex is free.

6. Dallas hosts the Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA Championship games in the same year

AT&T Stadium was chosen for hosting Super Bowl XLV long before it was known who would be competing for the title. The Cowboys ended up not playing for the trophy. But after a few months, the Steelers lost to the Packers in Arlington’s first Super Bowl match, the Mavericks introduced three 2011 NBA championship games to American Airlines Center.

Dallas got recognition as Sports City of the year in October. After a few days, the Rangers came to the metro area with even more championship action. All Dallas needed for this amazing trifecta of sports championship action was the Rangers’ American League championship.

7. The Country’s first planned Shopping Center

Having a well-kept standing as a shopping mecca, Dallas has been a pioneer for long and head in retail innovation and sales. In 1931, when Highland Park Village was built, it happened to be the first and only planned collection of retail stores in the nation. At present, DFW holds more retail area per capita compared to other metro areas in the nation.

8. Third-largest Airport in the World – DFW

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has been known to have a size bigger than the isle of Manhattan. As its surface area totals greater than 30 square miles, it is the third-largest airport in the world. It is also among the busiest. Only Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, LAX, and Chicago’s O’Hare airport in the United States face greater commercial airline traffic.

9. Birthplace of Bonnie and Clyde

The popular crime couple Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow both have the outer reaches of Dallas’ as their birthplace. Bonnie and Clyde robbed local banks, gas stations, and restaurants for 21 months before their time on the lam came to a mortal end.
They were hiding in Fort Worth’s historic Stockyards Hotel for most of that time. Until today, guests have the choice of booking a night in the “Bonnie and Clyde suite.” Even though in different cemeteries both fugitives were also laid to rest in Dallas.

10. German Chocolate came from Dallas

In 1957, this flavorsome dessert was introduced to the public. Contrary to its name, this happened in Dallas. Just because of the name, many people still believe that German chocolate cake was found in Germany. But the truth is that this cake got its name after American chocolate maker Samuel German. German made a blend of dark baking chocolate which was then applied in the cake’s recipe.

11. Agriculture is still a Prime Industry

Although they are not comparatively as prominent as they used to be; agriculture-related industries have been providing a major contribution to the city’s prosperity to date. The dispersal of farming tools, cotton gin machinery, feeds, chemicals, and farm publications all hand out considerably to the diversified economy.

12. Diverse City

A beta(+) rated global city, Dallas is known as a major world city. There are sectors like defense, information technology, transportation, telecommunications, and financial services in its diverse economy. The city limits consist of the headquarters of nine Fortune 500 companies, among which are AT&T and Southwest Airlines. Also, Fortune 500 companies such as J.C. Penney (Plano), American Airlines (Fort Worth), and ExxonMobil (Irving) have their headquarters inside the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.