The third-largest island located in the Mediterranean Sea, it’s not surprising that the gorgeous island of Cyprus does not lack things to see and do.

Facts About Cyprus
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It offers everything from exploring ancient ruins to mouthwatering, there are several reasons to have this destination on your bucket list. Listed below are some more amazing facts about Cyprus, for you to ponder.

Facts about Cyprus

1. Lists among the Oldest Wine Producing Places in the world

This might be a fact worth noting if you’re a fan of wine. For about 6000 years, Cyprus has been growing wine.

Even though Cypriot wine only gets about 50th ranking in the world when it comes to production quantity, the island is still among the oldest wine-producing locations in the world.

The wine of the Commandaria is a specifically popular wine that is made from sun-dried grapes and is quite sweet.

2. Entire Paphos falls as a UNESCO world heritage site

Paphos are among the most popular places for visiting on the island of Cyprus. If you’re a history buff, you’ll be pleased to know that the totality of Paphos can be considered an open-air museum. The Paphos Mosaics and the Tombs of the Kings are included with some of the highlights.

3. Third Largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea

Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is among the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily and Sardinia fall above it on that list. This island is also one of the most crowded islands located in the Mediterranean Sea.

4. Leonardo da Vinci is supposed to have stayed in Lefkara village

In the 15th-century, the legendary creator of Château de Chambord and Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci is supposed to have visited the stunning village of Pano Lefkara.

According to stories, the grand painter was visiting the village himself to buy lace to use in the altar of the Duomo di Milano, known famously as Milan Cathedral.

5. Cyprus sees about 320 Sunny days per year, on average

You know you’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking an especially sunny destination in Europe. Having only about 40 days of rainfall on average, Cyprus relishes in a staggering 320 days of sun every year.

6. Rare Species of Orchid

This is another pleasant news if you’re also a flower fan as Cyprus is home to about 20 rare species of orchid. The best time to visit here will be in the springtime if you wish to see some of these wildflowers. Just make sure you seek near the hillsides and wooded areas to locate them.

7. A Cat Island

It is often said that there are more cats than people on the island of Cyprus. According to legends, St Helena transferred an entire shipload of cats to the island, because of a severe snake problem. The plan was to have all the cats eat up the poisonous snakes. But clearly, they liked Cyprus so much, they chose not to leave.

8. A Royal Wedding

Cyprus is the only foreign nation that hosted a British royal wedding. The Chapel of St.George held a lavish affair for the pair. On the 12th of May, 1191, people witnessed and relished the wedding of Queen Joanna and King Richard.

9. Most Popular Dive Sites in the world

The Zenobia is among the ten most prominent shipwrecks in the world. In between the 1980 wreckage, every year divers go towards the Larnaka sea for diving and meeting the wildlife that now resides here. According to the Larnaka Tourist Board, the wreck receives over 40,000 visitors every year.

10. Cyprus gained Independence from Britain in 1960

Cyprus was a part of the Crown Colony from 1925 till 1960. August 16th is a precise date of independence. At present, independence day is celebrated on the 1st of October annually. Festivals are celebrated at schools, a huge military parade is also in the Cypriot capital to mark the day.

11. Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite

Among the more intriguing truths about Cyprus is that according to local legend, the Greek goddess, Aphrodite, known to be the god of love, was born in Cyprus.

Petra Tou Romiou which translates to English as ‘Rock of the Roman’ is also locally known to be Aphrodite’s Rock and is supposed to be the place where Aphrodite first appeared from the sea.

‘Aphrodite’s beach’ is the beach where the rocks can be located and are, at present, listed among the most beautiful locations on the entire island.

12. Delicious Cypriot Cuisine

It is an art form itself to dine in Cyprus and it is not uncommon to spend many hours dining with family and friends over a long lunch.

You can expect traditional dishes such as Halloumi which is a salty, rubbery cheese, and lots of variety of grilled meat dishes along with Koupepia which are stuffed vine leaves.

13. Cyprus has a Wish Tree among its other Hidden Gems

The entrance to the Paphos Catacombs holds a tree that is covered in ribbons and cloth. This Terebinth tree is known to have the ability to fulfill wishes if something concerning the wish being made is tied to the tree.

14. The Beaches in Cyprus are officially the cleanest in Europe

Cyprus has continuously held its impressive title for more than a decade now. It prides itself on having the cleanest beaches in Europe. According to an EU report, it has been confirmed, 99.1% of bathing waters in Cyprus are of exceptional quality.

15. Cyprus is home to the world’s oldest Perfumes

This might be just another excellent reason for the history buffs to visit Cyprus as the oldest perfumes ever found by archaeologists were located in Cyprus. Unearthing between 2004 and 2005 led to proof of a factory that was present some 4000 years ago, during the Bronze Age.

16. Halloumi cheese of Cyprus dates back to the Medieval Byzantine period

Originated in Cyprus, Halloumi cheese is quite popular at present as a staple across the Mediterranean. The cheese is traditionally prepared using sheep’s milk and the first confirmation of this dairy charm can be observed in a 14th-century Egyptian cookbook.