When it comes to the quality of education in Denmark, you can be sure to not have to worry about anything. There is plenty of good-quality public and international schools in this country along with a few of the best higher education systems in the world.

Best Schools in Denmark
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Best Schools in Denmark

Education for children till the ninth grade of primary school is compulsory in Denmark, and most pupils make their way to upper secondary school afterwards, their educational journey is then followed by a higher education institution’s degree.

Around 25% of the Danish population noted primary school as their highest achieved education, as of 2020.

The education system of Denmark still has the upper hand when it comes to comparing with those countries that it usually compares itself with, such as Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, and Austria.

This can be explained as the others are smaller European nations with mostly non-English-speaking populations.

A survey done in 2016 declared Denmark to have the third-best Higher Education System in the World. The United States and Switzerland were listed above Denmark. And the United Kingdom came fourth on that list.

Denmark also received the fifth ranking among 45 nations in the European region, with its overall score higher than the regional and world averages.

Denmark has a form of studying that requires a high degree of resourcefulness and independent thinking. This is why studying in Denmark can be demanding at first and unlike what you’re used to in your home country.

Studying here will however make you feel inspired and boost your way to success regardless of what you plan to do in life.

Joining a school/university in Denmark will be a pretty wise decision, especially if you’re coming from a place where even medium-quality education can cost fortunes.

If you are planning on being a part of the Danish student culture, keep reading to come across some amazing schools/universities you could enrol in.

1. The Royal Danish Academy of Music

This is Denmark’s oldest music academy. The Royal Danish Academy of Music is known for being an artistic institution that is also vibrant and dynamic while being focused on teaching.

The main aim here is to continue developing classical music and enhancing its application on an ongoing basis, as a key part of contemporary musical and cultural life.

There is a broad musical and stylistic span in the academy which ranges from period music to classical music, they also include the compositional music of tomorrow.

Most of the courses in this Academy are targeted for performance at the utmost level, and they also include pedagogical training with a perspective of professional music teaching.

Along with vocalist programs and the pure instrumentalist, there are also specialized courses available among the scene of music teaching, conducting, composition and church music, and even recording direction.

2. Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

The education activities in Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design provide a unified environment for participants, staff, and faculty to perform together in a multiethnic, multidisciplinary studio surrounding.

The school draws in quite impressive and diverse choices of International visiting faculty who are regarded as experts in their fields.

3. Technical University of Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark is a thriving, elite university that has recognition for its high level of international research and its graduates are highly sought-after.

The staff and students here are known to collaborate well and come along with the discipline to create welfare, growth, and values while reaching out to the whole world.

The students here have been known to develop technologies working in a globalized world that transcend social and cultural differences.

4. Copenhagen Business School – The Blue MBA

This century-old institution is one of the largest business schools located in Northern Europe and contains more than 22,000 students in total.

An MBA from Copenhagen Business School is a qualification that is respected globally as this institution is among just a handful of business schools to be recognized by EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA.

Here, you will be gaining from an unparalleled business centre that takes its inspiration from real-life scenarios. This intuition is well equipped for offering a blend of theory and practice.
In Copenhagen Business School, you can find yourself developing a well-thought-out understanding of the concepts, theories, and methods that steer managerial decision-making in the 21st century.

5. International Business Academy

This Business Academy is apt in developing and delivering higher education programs that run in the real world. This is one of Denmark’s most internationally-oriented business academies, as they have more than 85 overseas partner institutions all across the world.

6. University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark has formed an institution of higher education and research, providing top-quality educational opportunities. The best part is, it is a cooperative partner for both private and public businesses and organizations to provide qualified labour.

7. WINGS – Wismar University

This institution is a subsidiary of Wismar University located in Germany, and they offer part-time programs and validated further education for professionals.

Here you’ll find study programs that offer in the field of technology, economy, and design, and you get to take hold of a higher public education degree such as a Diploma, Bachelor’s, or Masters. WINGS was established in 2004 to provide all these opportunities and more.

Under the academic expertise of Wismar University, there is organization, development, and marketing of part-time and further education programs that are of the utmost quality.

8. Aros Business Academy

This Academy is known for being a training ground for Mini MBAs, and they also aim at putting an end to mass-produced leadership education. Instead, Mini MBA leadership educations are designed here, that form a detectable change for the learners and their workplace.

9. Designskolen Kolding

This is an institution, cultivating and valuing talents while the students are further challenged to be able to reflect on their self processes. The students here are trained to collaborate by finishing tasks linked to specific contexts of use, ideally in connection with industry.

10. Interaction Design Foundation

Interaction Design Foundation is an independent nonprofit foundation that has an objective to increase the level of global design education and make it reach Ivy League standards while also reducing costs setting them as low as possible at the same time.