When deciding where to live, you may have to settle for a place that is ideal for you to raise a family. Some places are more likable for families to grow together than others. From great quality schools and children-friendly activities to the cultural environment and outdoor parks, there’s a lot to consider when moving with children.

Best Places to Raise a Family in the U.SThere are also several factors such as the great quality of life, quality of the school system, minimal crime rates, and affordability to take notice of. 

Keep on reading to discover the 10 best places to raise a family in the U.S.

1. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan is not short of things to do and with its splendid school system, it secures a well-deserved spot as one of the best places to raise a family in the U.S. Having received high marks for its A+ amenities, low crime rates and excellent schools, AreaVibes described this city as “extremely liveable” 

Ann Arbor was also rated among one of 2017’s “Best Places to Raise a Family in Michigan” by Niche.com. This medium-sized city offers a surprisingly safe place to live for families as the crime rate is 29% lower compared to the national average.

Also, this city houses the highest-rated hospital in Michigan, the University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine. The hospital has been nationally ranked in 14 adult specialties and 10 pediatric specialties.

2. Bowling Green, Ohio

Bowling Green, Ohio falls among the best cities for families in America as it has varieties of outdoor parks, camps, and events. As noted by AreaVibes, even though it is a small town it provides many of the big city amenities, a low cost of living, and excellent schools. With an overall crime rate that is 28% lesser compared to the national average and 27% lesser than Ohio’s average, Bowling Green is also an exceptionally safe place to live.

Wood County Hospital located in the town is a splendid medical and surgical facility that offers a wide range of services to residents. Another plus point is that Bowling Green is located near Toledo which houses the University of Toledo Medical Center as well as several other hospitals and health care providers.

3. Carmel, Indiana

As noted by Livability, Carmel has a 13% higher number of children than most other cities in the U.S. Carmel was also rated by the same website as the second-best city for families because of its wide range of family activities. Carmel was also stated as “exceptionally livable” by AreaVibes because of its high-rated schools and fairly reasonable neighborhoods.

The low crime rate in Carmel is another big pull for families. The overall crime rate in this suburb is 72% lesser compared to the national average. Carmel also houses Indiana University Health North Hospital, which has been given the third-best hospital rank in Indiana by U.S. News. Many families find Carmel as the best place to raise a family in the Midwest, thanks to the aforementioned perks.

4. Cary, North Carolina

As AreaVibes ranked Cary as the second most livable city in the State of North Carolina, you come to know that it is among the ideal places to raise a family in the South. Because of its sunny weather, incredible public schools, and tons of amenities, this suburban city can attract people from every corner of the country.

Not to mention, its small-town feel and family-friendly environment add to the perks as well. Within driving distance to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, Cary is also suitably located.

Families have found Cary to be extremely safe, as it has an overall crime rate that is 59% lesser compared to the national average. Cary offers easy access to many of the country’s top healthcare providers because of its close proximity to Duke University Hospital and the University of North Carolina Hospitals. 

5. Franklin Park, Pennsylvania

Rated by Niche.com as the number one Pittsburgh suburb to raise a family, Franklin Park scores high marks for its exceptional public school system, jolly environment, and community events. Because of its great schools, plenty of jobs, and affordable neighborhoods, AreaVibes described Franklin Park as “extremely livable”.

Compared to the national average, this suburb’s overall crime rate is 87% lesser, which makes it a specified safe place for families to live. Having close proximity to Pittsburgh allows easy access for the residents of Franklin Park to excellent health care services and hospitals which includes the highly rated UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside hospital.

6. Highland Park, Texas

Located at a short distance from the busy streets of Dallas, Highland Park is a prosperous small town. The families here give the feel of a tight-knit community. This city has many perks even though the cost of living is high. There are a large number of amenities, high-rated schools, and a steady housing market.

Highland Park has an overall crime rate that is 21% lesser compared to the national average making it a wonderfully safe place to raise a family. The residents of Highland Park have easy access to the best healthcare providers due to its location in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Among the many top-rated hospitals in the area are, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Baylor University Medical Center, and Medical City Dallas.

7. Irvine, California

Irvine is a prosperous city that is located in California’s Orange County. It is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, bustling job market, highly-rated schools, and wonderful weather. Irvine has been said to be an exceptionally happy place for families to call home, as noted by WalletHub.

The personal finance website recently rated this city as the third happiest place to live in America. Also, according to AreaVibes, the crime rate of Irvine is 53% lesser as compared to the national median, which makes this city an exceptionally safe place to live.

For any and every kind of health issue, Irvine has the renowned UC Irvine Medical Center, which is the top hospital in California.

8. Minnetonka, Minnesota

Minnetonka has excellent schools and outdoor attractions to pull families from all over the nation. Money rated this city as one of the best places to live in the U.S. Minnetonka also gets extra scores for its top-notch amenities, high graduation rates, and high income per capita, according to AreaVibes.

Having 36% lower crime rates than the national median, Minnetonka can be considered exceptionally safe. Being in close proximity to Minneapolis-St. Paul, the residents of Minnetonka have easy access to some of the best healthcare providers.

Abbott Northwestern Hospital, the University of Minnesota Medical Center, and United Hospital are among the highest-rated hospitals in the area.

9. Newton, Massachusetts

Many small “villages” combine to form this Boston suburb which offers big city amenities and a small-town feel. Newton got rated as one of the “Best Cities to Raise a Family”  by Livability because of its top quality of life and proper schools. Newton gets extra scores for its strong job market and steady housing market, according to AreaVibe.

Having an overall crime rate that is 75% lesser in comparison to the national median, this suburb is also a safe choice for families. The residents will have access to some of the country’s top healthcare providers because of its close proximity to Boston. And top-notch hospitals including Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Brigham, and Women’s Hospital, and Tufts Medical Center – among others.

10. Rockville, Maryland

Rated as one of the best cities for families by Livability, this Washington, DC suburb has a high percentage of school-age children and brilliant schools focused on science and technology.

As claimed by AreaVibes, Rockville is “extremely livable” with many local amenities, a steady housing market, and high income per capita. Rockville also has a 45% lower overall crime rate compared to the national average, which marks it as an exceptionally safe place to live.

Hospitals such as Adventist Healthcare Shady Grove Medical Center, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and Suburban Hospital provide top healthcare services to the locals.