Tokyo is a vibrant city having a great number of districts and neighborhoods. Hence, it’s not surprising that ex-pats and foreign residents have a tough time deciding where to settle. TokyoConsidering safe neighborhoods with affordable rent and satisfactory enough to support the lifestyle you want to lead in Japan’s capital, here are the 10 best places to live in Tokyo.

1. Ebisu

Since recent years, Ebisu has gradually gotten a position at the top ranking among Tokyo’s most coveted neighborhoods to live in. With several celebrities residing here, it is known to be an upper-class neighborhood.

You’ll find plenty of eateries and shopping spots here. Ebisu is also pretty convenient as it is linked to five different train lines that will take you to all of Tokyo’s important train stations in less than 30 minutes without a need to transfer at all. To say the least, it is just as convenient as Tokyo Station, but with a bit more greenery.

2. Kichijoji

Ranked for many years as the best neighborhood to live in Tokyo, Kichijoji is home to a flourishing shopping street full of trendy eateries along a plethora of stores. And it is also full of greenery.

Inokashira Park, which is among Tokyo’s best and well-known parks is only a couple of minutes’ walk from the station and it gives a nice lakeside scenery accompanied by all kinds of plant life. The best thing is, its train station is well linked to multiple lines, which enables you to travel to many big train stations in Tokyo without the need to transfer trains!

3. Meguro

If you’re into the idea of visiting Naka-Meguro regularly but you’re not fully happy with its accessibility, Meguro might just be the best place for you.

Not only is it exceptionally near to Naka-Meguro Station and all the attractive scenery that comes with it, but it also has a total of four train lines, making it far more convenient, with the JR Yamanote Line passing through it.

You will find plenty of shopping facilities, restaurants, karaoke chain stores near the station. This area is bustling with nightlife even during nighttime.  

4. Shinagawa

Shinagawa Station is an exceptionally accessible train station, linked to seven different train lines. Even though the station area is mostly busy, outside it is not that congested. Which makes this a great place for families with children or for those wanting to live in a quieter neighborhood.

You’ll come across several useful public facilities in Shinagawa, such as a gym and library, also plenty of parks and a great ocean view. If you’re someone with a family, there are an even greater number of ample accommodations available at convenient prices, and the schools in the area have a pretty good reputation.

Lastly, it also ranks as one of the safest neighborhoods, so it’s a great option for both women and families.

5. Shinjuku

Shinjuku Station is the busiest train station since it has nine train lines connecting it to not just Tokyo, but the entire world!

Numerous stores, restaurants, offices, and entertainment facilities can be found around the train station which means you’ll find everything you need here. Shinjuku also has many tourist attractions, such as the Kabukicho area, the atmospheric bar street Golden Gai, and the futuristic Robot Restaurant.

6. Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro is an affordable neighborhood with an average rent below 100,000 yen per month.  It is alike Shibuya, being an amazing area for youngsters. It has numerous shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, considering all budgets.

This place is also reputed for being a paradise for fans of anime and manga. Animate, which is the main store of the nationwide anime and manga goods retail chain is located here and you’ll also come across a plethora of secondhand anime goods and manga shops awaiting your arrival! With eight train lines that depart from its train station, the area is also very much accessible.

7. Naka-Meguro

Naka-Meguro has always been among the most desired sides of Tokyo. It is a tiny haven will lots of dainty cafes and shops, making the place pretty busy on holidays.

It gets special popularity in the spring when tourists from all corners of the world find their way here to catch a glimpse of the iconic cherry blossom view offered by the trees lining the Meguro River.

It is, however, peaceful and surprisingly quiet at other times. And Naka-Meguro is so popular because of that exact balance of excitement and relaxation.

8. Shibuya

The absolute playground for the young residents of Tokyo, Shibuya has tons of shopping places and restaurants collected in it. It is just the right place for anyone who prefers to get out and have fun.

You’ll come across iconic tourist destinations including the Hachiko Statue close to the neighborhood’s center, along with concert venues, love hotels, and all other kinds of fun locations. Being one of the central stations of Tokyo, you’ll find quick and easy access to the rest of the city from Shibuya.

9. Tokyo

If you live in this part of the city then you know you’ve made it. The neighborhood here has several huge department stores, old office buildings that are just as grand, and one of the largest train stations in the entire country.

If you want easy access to about any part of not just Tokyo, but all of Japan then this is an amazing place to live in. With several shops and eateries inside the massive train station alone, you will have days filled with fun and excitement.

10. Nakano

Since this is a university area, you’ll find plenty of apartments here at surprisingly low prices even though the average rent of the place is considered high. Being a college town also means you’ll come across a wide option of eateries that offer delicious meals at affordable prices.

Even though only two train lines pass through the station, both of them are linked to all the major stations in Tokyo with, if needed, a maximum of a single transfer. So Nakano is very accessible.