The world is no short of amazing places with gorgeous landscapes and astonishing architecture. But the real deal is in finding a place that combines landscape with liveability. You’ll be needing more than only a pretty space in order to live successfully in an area. To create an actually beautiful place to live, there must be a combination of tourist attractions, local culture, and history. Listed below, you’ll find the 15 best places to live in the world.Best Places to Live in the World

1. Vienna

With its great infrastructure, amazing cultural offerings, rich history, and beauty in every corner, Vienna definitely deserves a high ranking. There are also wide green spaces all over the city, and locals certainly benefit from them whenever the sun comes out. 

The vestiges of the powerful Habsburg monarchy are enjoyed by both travelers and residents while they can relish a cup of coffee along with sachertorte and the unbeaten musical legacy of the Vienna State Opera.

2. Zurich

Zurich can at times feel more like a carefully planned amusement park than a real, living city as it is perfectly manicured and clean. However, to feel the thriving pulse of its soul, it only takes for you to spend a few minutes there. 

Some of the favorite activities of visitors and locals are taking strolls around Old Town, watching flocks of swans float on the Limmat River, and hanging out in the trendy spots that the huge student population generally assures of. While managing to continue with the relaxed vibe, this city is also extremely safe. 

3. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is a city having the right mixture of modern urbanity and jawdropping nature, contrasting its clubs and office buildings with mountains closeby and a vast coastline. 

The city’s cultural points are highlighted by museums such as the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Museum of Anthropology. To convince you further, there is an abundance of fresh seafood while the diversity in this city holds energy filled with openness and acceptance. 

4. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and is often confused about its capital. It is located on North Island and is an exciting place for both city and nature lovers. Its Viaduct Harbour is no short of cafes, restaurants, and bars. With probably the best nightlife in the country, you can always find expats, mostly formed by travelers having a one-year working holiday visa. 

You just need to head to Auckland Domain anytime you’re ready to get out of the city, and there’s a large park built around a volcano (which is thankfully extinct!). You also have the option to explore the islands of Hauraki Gulf closeby, go on winery tours, and hike as much as you want.

5. Munich

It’s not difficult for a traveler to picture themselves living in Munich as it is pretty much known everywhere for its Oktoberfest and the undeniably fun Hofbräuhaus. This city is welcoming, much more so as compared to other places all over Germany. The locals in Munich always seem ready to strike up a conversation over pints of beer. 

Munich has much more to offer than just beer and good times. Marienplatz is its central square and is stunningly well-preserved and somehow coexists with a flourishing contemporary art scene. Thanks to its methodical infrastructure, this city can be an extremely pleasant place to be in, be it for a few days or a couple of years.

6. Düsseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf doesn’t mostly fall on the tourist radar. This is certainly a loss for travelers, as the city is just right for people in love with modernity and luxury. Filled with designer shops from some of the worldwide top brands, King’s Avenue can become a shopping spot for those who skip crowded Paris. 

This city showcases a perfect balance of centuries-old buildings and modern industry along with a flourishing art scene. When it comes to the quality of life, Düsseldorf promises great infrastructure, safety, and pleasant public spaces.

7. Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt went in the opposite direction from other German cities after World War II and decided to not reconstruct its destroyed historic center. With the undertaking of incredible works to restore part of the city to its pre-war glory, the previous decision has been recently reversed. 

Moreover in the time between, this unusual move has made Frankfurt develop a personality of its own, setting it apart from other European cities. Along with the numerous skyscrapers, a large number of ex-pats, and a bustling nightlife, you can still find the beautiful squares and traditional houses turned into taverns. 

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen gets a perfect score in education and infrastructure while this city is also well-known for its picturesque Nyhavn, with vibrant houses and docked boats that line the canal. There are more than a dozen Michelin-starred restaurants which prove how there’s an abundance of high-quality eateries along with castles and palaces.

Copenhagen is also praised worldwide for its commitment to sustainability, which is clearly visible because of the huge number of people moving around the city by bike.

9. Geneva

Geneva is not the capital of Switzerland despite what many people believe, but it is still a city of worldwide importance. Geneva is a confluence of nationalities and cultures as it the headquarters of the World Health Organization, the Red Cross, and the World Trade Organization. It also houses the European branch of the United Nations, which means diplomacy basically falls as a way of life here.

This only makes it easier for ex-pats in adapting and finding support systems and for travelers traversing through the city. All the luxuries you could want and an interesting culinary mix are offered by this perfectly planned city. 

10. Basel, Switzerland

Basel is used by many people as a mere landing point to explore nearby Zurich, but this incredible city on the Rhine is a destination in itself. The skyline of the medieval town center is dominated by its Town Hall and Gothic cathedral, while its extraordinary position close to both Germany and France provides it with a particular cultural blend. 

What really makes this city stand out is its art scene, a mostly well-known exemplify is the ART Basel festival, which at present, is celebrated in several locations worldwide. 

11. Sydney

Australia’s most famous city, Sydney needs no introduction as it houses some iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

Suitably for travelers and residents, Sydney stays offering a huge ex-pat population, an amazing modern skyline, and various beaches, which includes the world-famous Bondi Beach. The Blue Mountains National Park closeby is just two hours away from Sydney, which makes it a suitable weekend excursion site for city dwellers.

12. Amsterdam

People cannot seem to stop themselves from visiting or even living in Amsterdam even though it is suffering from the pressures of over-tourism. Which is completely understandable as it is a city like no other. 

It’s not the only location in the world crisscrossed by a view of canals and sure, the architecture can be found in other cities in the Netherlands, but there is a different charm in its laid-back attitude that just cannot be resisted. In addition to that, there’s its cafe culture, artistic legacy, and expansive bike paths to consider. Soon enough you’ll see what the fuss is all about.

13. Berlin

Berlin might not only be the most beautiful city in Europe, but it’s also the most electric. Sure, there’s the heaviness of its history, which circulates centuries and has seen the high and lows of several empires and the world’s most infamous dictator, but Berlin’s charm is not all about its past. 

Don’t misunderstand, it’s almost impossible to not get emotional while visiting the museums and memorials located in Berlin or when you’re standing in front of the remainder of the Berlin Wall. But you’ll also feel a draw towards the quirkiness that seems have charged the air. Partying is its own way of life while different and unique seem to be the norm in Berlin.

14. Bern, Switzerland

The Swiss capital might strike the right chord for you if the place you’re looking for has to be calmer than Zurich and somewhat less modern than Geneva. The origins of Bern date back to the 12th century, and it seems to be something straight out of a storybook. 

The city curls around the Aare River, sprinkling its emerald waters with stone bridges that appear as if they might house a friendly troll underneath. You’ll find buildings appointed to commerce and bureaucracy, right outside of the medieval center.

15. Wellington, New Zealand

Sitting at a linking point between North and South islands, New Zealand’s capital will let you explore both as Wellington serves as the perfect base. Having the spirit of a big city, this capital forms a balance that several people find charming as it has the geographical expansion of a mid-sized city. 

You may expect some of the country’s best museums and galleries while basking in the hip coffee and brewery scene. There will also be strong winds that are not for the faint-hearted or for those preferring warm tropical climates.