Sweden is known as the Land of Vikings and has some of the best cities to live in the whole world. The nature, healthy environment, and serene landscapes of Scandinavian countries are loved by all people. Sweden is a historic country as being named as the home of the Vikings explains somewhat of it.

Best Places to Live in SwedenThis country has several historical sights and entertaining places to travel to. Certainly, you’ll only be hearing good comments and praises if you go on and ask tourists to give reviews about Sweden. However, choosing to live in this Scandinavian capital is a different thing than just planning a weekly tour. If you’re planning to make a home out of Sweden, then here we have listed for you the 10 best places to live in Sweden.

1. The City of Malmö

The charming city of Malmo is full of incredible sights and lovely people. It is also in fact, the largest city in the Swedish country. If you move to this city, you’ll get to purchase low price rental properties in the city areas.

The environment and climate here are also just suitable for your future living situations. You might only need to invest some time in learning Swedish and you can be sure to be surrounded by the amazing atmosphere of Malmo City.

2. Stockholm

According to experts, Stockholm can be considered among the most beautiful cities in the world. It is also said to be the capital of Scandinavian countries. Stockholm has numerous beautiful lakes linked by bridges.

The historical buildings and public parks also turn this city into one of the best cities to live in Sweden. Getting to the Cost of living, people can purchase groceries at decent prices. Moreover, you can rent properties at cheap prices and they are pretty much available which makes it an attractive offer for foreigners coming to Stockholm. 

3. Gothenburg

The atmosphere of Gothenburg is healthy while it has a calm environment. The charm and music of this city are pretty clearly expressed through those elements. It falls among the most visited cities in Sweden since this city has so many historic sites and locations that attract tourists, also people can visit all around the week.

The Liseberg Public Park is open for visitors to have fun, the Gothenburg Archipelago is also available for tours or you can choose from booking a ship tour of the city. This city also offers you quality shrimps that are served in various restaurants located in the place. It is guaranteed that you’ll be enjoying your life when you choose to live in this beautiful land of Sweden. 

4. Uppsala

This city has dainty streets with a tranquil atmosphere and vibrant nightlife. The travelers get to enjoy their time kayaking and taking yacht tours. A large number of students from all over the world are welcomed in this city.

Uppsala University and research institute come under the best educational centers in the entire World. People don’t just find their way to Uppsala for adventures, but also to study and complete their careers. 

5. Helsingborg

Helsingborg is among the most visited cities in Sweden since it has such incredible theaters, museums, restaurants, and golf courses. The residents here get to enjoy a quality life while living in low-cost rental homes.

There are also properties for sale at cheap prices. The cost of groceries here is high but affordable since people can enjoy a high local purchasing power. Needless to say, Helsingborg falls on the list of the best cities to live in Sweden. 

6. Marstrand

The city of Marstrand welcomes you with all its charms and vibrant life at just a few minute’s drive from Gothenburg. According to experts, Marstrand is an alternative version of Hollywood in the USA. Since it has plenty of theaters, historic museums, buildings, and tourist locations.

The residents can spend their days in low rental homes and apartments. The price for groceries is high, but on the other side, the purchasing power index is also high. So you get to live a quality life in Marstrand without worrying about the prices. 

7. Gavle

Gavle city has everything from old to the new such as modern buildings, old town, historic sites, restaurants, and theaters. Life here is pretty fun and easy. People can relish low-cost home rentals and decently priced goods.

The weather and the environment in Gavle are safe for your living. The best part is, you won’t be worrying about your life and safety while living in Gavle as there are little to no threats of crime in this city. 

8. Lund, Skane

If you need something in Lund, you’re certain to find it only a few steps away in your neighborhood. This charming city provides a tranquil atmosphere to its residents. You won’t hear any screams or noise in the air, and you’ll only be basking in its calm and pollution-free environment.

You’ll be able to buy yourself a quality life while residing in cheap rental homes. The grocery prices here are high but affordable as the residents get to enjoy a high purchase price index. 


Dating back to the Viking rule in Scandinavia, the port city of Visby has an enhanced history/ The historic buildings here will still give you the same feel as the ancient people’s life while residing in this part of Sweden.

As you’re among the modern agers, you will also find incredible modern buildings and tourist centers. So it’s certain that you’ll never get bored in the Visby city of Sweden. The rent here is cheap just like the other areas of Sweden. But the groceries have a medium or high price. So you might just have to deal with that if you plan on living in this beautiful land. 

10. Karlskrona

Karlskrona has been considered a competitor of the Russian city of St. Petersburg. It is enhanced with several historic sites and landmarks. The Viking culture is notable in the Karlskrona city and it might be enthralling for you to read all the history stuff while making your move to the city of Karlskrona. In this city, you’ll find parks, restaurants, spas, beaches, hotels, and golf courses. You’ll be able to buy all the needed goods and items necessary to enjoy a better life in this city as there is a high local purchasing power.