Spain falls in many people’s lists when it comes to searching for countries to move abroad. The year-round sunny climate, the tranquil lifestyle, the incredible cuisine, and plenty of cultural and historic attributes of the country are among the several reasons why people choose Spain.

Best Places to Live in Spain

Best Places to Live in SpainThere are also large ex-pat communities in numerous of the major towns and cities, which is an attractive factor for many people planning to move abroad. There are also countless exciting attractions all over the country, for both the residents and tourists to enjoy.

Finding the best location that suits your needs and offers you your desired lifestyle is important. To help you on your journey, here we have listed the 10 best places to live in Spain.

1. Madrid

Madrid, the country’s capital is definitely among the best places to live in Spain. This city has a multicultural feel, and expats are always truly welcomed no matter where they come from.

Having an exceptional culinary scene, an extensive and inclusive art scene, and a high-spirited nightlife, this city attracts a wide range of people. Madrid also offers excellent healthcare, education, and transport infrastructures. This is a surprisingly affordable place to live even though it is the capital of Spain.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona easily draws people in with its bohemian vibe and incredible architecture. Located on the coast, it is a historic city, which means the people living here get to spend their time lying on the beach or strolling around museums and galleries.

The outdoor spaces here are something to be noted, as there are plenty of pretty parks in Barcelona which means the residents have additional options for recreation. The city is appraised for having good walkability, which can be a great thing if you do not drive or if you stay aware of the environment.

For people who enjoy the outdoors, Barcelona can be an amazing place to live in as it offers some pretty fun outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and kitesurfing. The views here are stunning too as the city is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees Mountains. You’ll also find plenty of job opportunities if you’re planning to work in this city.

3. Alicante

Alicante is among the most touristy areas of Spain and is located on the Costa Blanca. While this might seem unsuitable for some people wanting a quieter lifestyle, it attracts many ex-pats as this city has a wide English-speaking community. Also, there are numerous attractions to enjoy.

The coast itself comes off as an appealing feature, especially for people who have desired a coastal lifestyle. Regardless of the energetic atmosphere, Alicante has a laid-back feel to it. Alicante is also quite an affordable place to live when compared to several of the big Spanish cities.

4. San Sebastian

If you find the Spanish heat too much to handle but also want to live the Spanish lifestyle, San Sebastian might be just the place for you. Located in the Basque country in Northern Spain, this city is quite much cooler than the southern cities.

If you want to dwell in true Spanish culture rather than just live in a touristy area surrounded by ex-pats, this is a great place for that experience. This city is quite sophisticated and offers you great restaurants, plenty of shops, and incredible architecture.

5. Malaga

A blend of ancient Spain with modern life, this city makes it evident with both its architecture and attractions. Located about the Costa del Sol, the residents of this city benefit from the closeness to the beaches and the Mediterranean Sea.

It has a flourishing, diverse culture and holds events and festivals all through the year. For those wanting an active lifestyle in Spain, this might just be the perfect place. Language barriers won’t be a concern as English is spoken widely in this city.

6. Valencia

Located on the banks of the Turia River along the eastern coast of Spain, Valencia is the third-largest city in the country. It has been transformed in recent years, and at present, it falls among the most desirable locations in Spain.

This city has a strong North African influence, which can be evidently seen in the architecture and the cuisine. Valencia has outstanding education, having several English-speaking schools.

7. Seville

Seville is just the place for you if you are moving to Spain for the year-round sunny climate. This city also attracts people with its rich history and culture. Several attractions of Seville focus on these very interests.

As the residents here still enjoy several Spanish traditions, Seville falls among the more traditional cities. This small Spanish city has dazzling nightlife and an incredible culinary scene.

8. Palma, Mallorca

Mainland Spain isn’t the only location offering a high standard of living. The islands in Spain also have several amazing locations worthy of attention. Palma is among the best options away from the mainland, it is the capital city of Mallorca which is the largest of the Balearic Islands.

Residents get to enjoy tender winters and warm summers, which you will cherish when spending time on the incredible beaches. Having a sense of style and luxury, this city offers residents and visitors several activities to enjoy.

9. Ibiza

Reputed for being a party island, Ibiza attracts many tourists. It is true that the nightlife here is vibrant but this island has much more to offer to its residents. Distancing from the strips of bars and clubs, Ibiza is a stunning island full of tranquil nature, history, and culture.

It has a relaxing vibe which is just right for those wanting to lead a laid-back lifestyle with several options for socializing. The cost of living might be a downside to living in Ibiza as it is higher than in several other parts of Spain.

10. Javea

Being among the safest cities in Spain, Javea will give you plenty of reasons to fall in love with life here. The attractive features here include the numerous employment opportuning, the communities of friendly, English-speaking people, the exceptional healthcare, and the extensive standard of living.

One major downside to living in Javea is that it is an expensive place to live in, both in terms of housing prices and the overall cost of living.