Ohio has been ranked among the best states for running a business and it has quite so much to offer its residents, from a low cost of living to exceptional schools and quality recreational opportunities.

Best Places to Live in Ohio

Best Places to Live in Ohio
Photo by Carl Schlabach on Unsplash

The economy is the greatest producer of plastic, rubber, and fabricated metals in the country and it is anchored by the manufacturing and financial industries. For the sports fanatics, there are numerous teams to cheer for that include the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Ohio State Buckeyes. 

Housing, healthcare, or groceries, everything comes at an affordable price in Ohio. And there are several options if you’re choosing to settle in this state. Among the best places to live in Ohio, here we have selected our top choices for you.

1. Dublin

Always known among the best places to live in the Buckeye State, Dublin also scores in the list of the best places to live in the U.S. Home to just over 43,000 residents, Dublin is a suburb in Columbus.

This place is well-known for the Dublin Irish Festival and housing the “Field of Corn”, but there are more reasons behind its neat reputation and growing popularity.

As it is an incredible school district that received an astonishing score of 8.67 on GreatSchools. The residents of Dublin take home $114,183 on average, while they also get to enjoy the benefits of the strong economy here. You’ll also be able to get to downtown Columbus easily as it is only 22 minutes away from Dublin.

With popular places such as the Muirfield Village Golf Club and Hayden Falls, you can tell Dublin is also big on golf.

2. Bexley

The next amazing place to live in Ohio is Bexley as it is a striking suburb with only 13,500 residents. 

The residents here get to live close to the capital, Columbus, at only a commute time of 17 minutes. From delightful craftsman-style homes to classic Colonials and regular modern townhomes, the homebuyers here have the chance to go through a wide array of options. And the homes in Bexley average at $284,600.

If you’re a nature lover, the Alum Creek at Jeffrey Park will please you as it’s just the right spot to have a nice picnic in or to simply stroll around. The tranquility and the amazingly wide selection of reads offered at Bexley Public Library will be just the same appealing to avid readers. While the active residents can choose to cool off in the Bexley Pool as it is a great place for some recreational therapy. 

3. West Chester

A beautiful blend of just about everything, West Chester is consistently known among the best places to live in Ohio. The local economy here is strong and has seen a change from farming to a bustling business community. The high school graduation rate here is 91.9% which proves the excellence of the education system. 

The predicted job growth of West Chester is 6.2% while the average household income is quite high at $81,767. Here you’ll find amazing entertainment options which include the EnterTRAINment Junction and so much to do at Voice of America Park. The Square is a unique gathering spot for residents which has often been singled out by Time Magazine. As here you’ll get an offering of everything starting from farmers’ markets, to concerts, and also hosts a yearly food truck rally.

The average home value in West Chester is $203,200 and the population here stands at 62,000.

4. Upper Arlington

Widely known in the mention of the best places to live in Ohio, the suburb of Upper Arlington in Columbus has pretty much every comfort to offer. The crime rate here is quite low, and you’ll be happy to know that so is the unemployment rate. The average household income is high at $98,618, which is near twice the national median, and its incredible school system scores a splendid 10/10 on GreatSchools.

Upper Arlington is a close-knit community even though it boasts of having a population of 34,500 people, and it comes from the fact that the community has planned on remaining small despite the numerous opportunities to grow over the years.

It does not come off as surprising to see multiple generations of families residing close together, and that in itself is quite revealing. The golfing legend Jack Nicklaus, singer-actress Beverly D’Angelo, and Woody Hayes, and a former Ohio State football coach, all hailed from this place. 

Upper Arlington also does not lack recreation spots, as it has a rich network of parks and green spaces to offer.

5. Hudson

A suburb in Summit County, Cleveland, Hudson is home to about 22,400 residents, most of whom place a particular emphasis on education. As the schooling system here has a perfect score of 10 on GreatSchools, and to add to that praise more than two-thirds of residents older than 25 have at least a bachelor’s degree.

The residents of Hudson also get to enjoy the ever-present feeling of security since crime is almost non-existent here.

There are plenty of local shops and restaurants in downtown Hudson. These are quite necessary since the place has to sufficiently cater to the well-off households that bring in more than twice the national median ($124,529 a year).

It is not tough to see why Ohio, as a whole, is known for offering some of the most worth the money results as the houses in this area go for a median price of $295,000.

6. Mason

Mason is a suburb that houses 31,700 residents in Warren County, Cincinnati. The livability of this place is a well-known secret that has not gotten away from several Best Places to Live lists. Partly, what you’ll love about this place are the attractive tax rates. 

Having a sales tax of 6.5 %, this city’s income tax attracts an astonishing rate of 1.12%. For families that earn a combined median of $86,994 on average, that certainly leaves most residents cheering on their way to the bank.

The schooling system of Mason gets a perfect score of 10 on GreatSchools, and the small town can also feel proud of its strong and diversified economy as you will soon come to see if you choose to settle here.