If you’ve been planning to move to the country of Norway then it’s essential that you become familiar with the numerous communities this nation has, just to be certain that you’re picking the best possible area to settle in. Some of the bigger and decent-sized cities have neighborhoods that can be deemed more desirable compared to others.Norway

You surely don’t want to end up being in an area that is either too pricey or having a high crime rate. While choosing the best places you have to consider several factors, such as the safety, quality of education, decent medical services, employment opportunities available, low cost and available housing, and amenities. Keeping all that in mind, here we have listed the 10 best places to live in Norway.

1. Oslo, Norway

Rated among the best places to live in Norway, Oslo is a city full of every possible thing that a person could want or need. It has high ranks in health care, education, recreational activities, the social climate, and numerous availability of job opportunities.

Living here might come off as a little costly, but if you’re working, the salaries you earn will plenty compensate for that.

2. Svolvaer, Norway

A  regional center in Norway, Svolvaer is full of high-end restaurants, numerous hotels, supermarkets, a movie theater, art galleries, and much more. It’s the biggest city on the archipelago and is known to be Lofoten’s capital de facto.

This is a fishing village and it has always been among the most popular tourist destinations with a great number of jobs available and plenty of cool amenities. Svolvaer has only 5.00 residents.

3. Skovra, Norway

Located in the archipelago of the Lofoten Islands, Skorva is just the right place if you’re looking forward to enjoying a peaceful and relaxed way of life. There aren’t a great number of cars on the island so many people choose to walk from a place to another.

If you’re retired and wanting to escape the noise of larger cities, this might just be a great place for you to live. There are numerous options for hiking with stunning beaches and plenty of trails. It may not be for everyone, but Skovra is also among the safest places to live in the country.

4. Sarpsborg, Norway

Sarpsborg is pretty close to Fredrikstad and it is often said that they form the same urban area, but they are distinct. Offering modern urban living along with a rich historical past, this city has many art galleries, museums, bars, and restaurants. There are numerous job opportunities and the cost of living here is decent. This city is also called the sunniest in Norway.

5. Tonsberg, Norway

Another very desirable place to live in Norway, Tonsberg is a historic place that also happens to be the oldest city in the whole country. It is located in the south of Oslo, a big metropolitan area.

There are numerous amenities in Tonsberg that include the ancient ruins, Viking burial mounds, the smart quayside, museums, and much more. A music festival is organized There is also a castle tower that has existence back since antiquity.

There are good job opportunities here as the scene for tourism is thriving. All in all, this is a peaceful and secure place to live with top-notch hospitals and high quality of life.

6. Kristiansand, Norway

Located in the southernmost part of Norway, Kristiansand is a place where Norwegians mostly visit during the summer months since it houses the best beach in the nation. This city also has numerous attractions. The job market here is good because of the bustling tourism industry and even though the cost of living is somewhat expensive, it falls among the most fun and delightful places to live. The rating for safety is high here and for communication, basic English is the language of choice.

7. Drammen, Norway

Drammen is the most populated city and it is situated in the eastern part of Norway. This city also earns the distinction of being among Norway’s fastest-growing cities. The vibe here is urban yet peaceful, and the streets and neighborhoods have a low crime rate along with a high safety rating.

There are countless things to do which include, visiting the museums, going to the Aass brewery for a tour and a beer, or an exploration of the local river.

8. Stavanger, Norway

Located on the West coast of Norway, Stavanger was initially a European Capital of Culture. This city has amazing architecture. This city is home to numerous research institutions and universities so education here gets an excellent ranking.

If you’re up for vibrant nightlife then there are lots of things to do in Stavanger as this city gives an urban vibe. The food is incredible here and so is the entertainment.

You’ll find plenty of job opportunities since it’s a tourist destination. The cost of living might be somewhat expensive, but it is among the most desirable places in Norway for living.

9. Skudeneshavn, Norway

Another city located in Karmoy Island, Skudeneshavn is a fishing town full of timber houses constructed in the 19th century and painted white. During the summer months, you’ll see hundreds of boats in the harbor due to the annual boating festival.

You’ll also get to enjoy folk performances and handicraft markets in Skudeneshavn. Fishing and tourism are among the major jobs in this area. If you’re searching for an affordable living then this is just the right place with a secure and beautiful surrounding.

10. Reine, Norway

A smaller city having some of the most picture-perfect landscapes compared to any place in the world, Reine is a tiny fishing village located on Moskenesoya Island. For retirees, this might be too good a choice as you’ll get to enjoy some of the finest fishing in the world in a secure and pleasing environment. It’s necessary to have a basic knowledge of Norwegian to get by even though some English is spoken here.