The largest metropolitan area in the U.S., New York is home to around 21 million people speaking over 200 languages. The city has always been a spectacle with its significant structures, famous skyscrapers, and delightful people from all over the world.

Best Places to Live in New YorkNew York is pretty well known as a place to settle especially for those wanting to make it big in life. If you’re among the dreamers or if you simply want to enjoy life as a New Yorker and searching for a decent, affordable place in the city to reside, here we have the 10 best places to live in NY.

1. Cayuga Heights

At just $367,900, homes in Cayuga Heights are comparatively reasonable since the property prices in New York have an ever-increasing nature.

Rental properties here are just as attractive at only $1,154. Along with affordable housing, this delightful town of 3,779 citizens offers a warm and welcoming community, exceptional schools, a wide range of amenities, and a crime rate that is rightly below the national median. 

2. Jericho

The small suburb of Jericho gives an offering of a quite alluring list of benefits: the crime rate here is too low and it sometimes doesn’t even need a mention, the local economy here is amazing and commuting connections are exceptional, average incomes fall at around $156,029, also, the schools are all top quality. The community is also diverse and welcoming. 

3. Kips Bay

Among the most sought out neighborhoods in New York City, you might expect the cost of living in Kips Bay to be skyrocketing. Surprisingly, the cost of housing isn’t very bad for NYC, with just $376,379 you can get a pretty decent-sized single-family home.

Here, you’ll be getting an abundance of top-notch schools, an amazing range of outdoor and indoor entertainment facilities, all the shops, bars, and restaurants you could wish for, and a job market supporting the very respectable average income of $90,299.

4. Great Neck Gardens

Having only a population of 1,240 residents, the small suburb of Great Neck Gardens still contains more than enough to keep a population 10 times that number happy.

The median property cost might be a rather steep $892,700, but you won’t likely hear too many grievances about the price of living considering the exceptional quality of life the suburb affords its residents.

The amazingly low crime rate is also a major bonus while the poverty and employment rates are both tiny, and the only factor greater than the average income of $195,865 is the massive number of green spaces and entertainment amenities offered.

5. Murray Hill

Murray Hill is an amazing neighborhood in New York City having around 28,954 residents.

The place includes a flourishing local job market, an expected average income of $124,354, a highly educated population (47% have a bachelor’s degree while another 34% have a masters), a pretty low crime rate, excellent schools, a great selection of bars and restaurants, and a pleasant, welcoming vibe.

6. Brighton

Having a list of attractions as long as your arm, the Brighton suburb of Rochester will present you with reasonably priced housing (you won’t need to be expecting a decent-sized property to come for a price greater than $171,800, almost 15k below the national average), a pretty low incidence of both violent and property crime, an income of $70,567 that is on an above-average media, exceptional job opportunities, an incredible school system, great entertainment activities, and extremely family-friendly energy, allowing kids to play in the streets without the parents having to worry.

7. Chelsea

Thanks to Chelsea’s huge and diverse community of 65,359 residents, there’s young energy and vibrancy about this New York City neighborhood.

The housing may be on the pricier side (you’ll be expecting to have to pay around $883,503 for purchasing a property and $2,074 for a property to rent), but the broadened number of facilities, thriving nightlife, safe streets, exceptional job prospects (most people have managed to bring home around $111,665 in income), excellent schools, and flourishing but welcoming community more than make up for it.

8. Financial District

Before counting the reasons why the Financial District makes such a worthwhile place to reside in, you may want to pause to take a look at the average cost of the property.

For any place with ample space to swing a cat, you might be expecting to pay around $1,227,948. If that comes off as quite a daunting figure to go through, you might also want to consider the perks that come along with the place.

There’s the amazing proximity to a few of the highest paying jobs in NYC, the incredibly low crime rate, there are also endless chances to easily access the hustle and bustle of Manhattan without having to live there. Whatever it is, you cannot deny that this is honestly one exclusive, and pretty much desirable place to live.

9. Battery Park City

Battery Park is set in a major location along the Hudson River. It offers easy access to the vibrancy of the city, but along with it comes the luxury of the tranquility brought on by its proximity to the waterfront.

With numerous green spaces, pet-friendly parks, and streets safe enough so that the kids can ride their bikes without panicking, it’s an exceptional city to raise a family. That being said, you’ll be needing quite a big income at your disposal when you choose living here – with the median property retailing for a stunning $1,143,983, this is not a place for the cash strapped.

10. Great Neck Plaza

This place offers you affordable housing (most properties can be snatched at around $338,900), low crime, unemployment, and poverty, a prosperous population that earns around $74,303 per household, amazing schools, a wide of parks and recreational purists, and an incredible count of shops, eateries, and night venues.

With attractions as such, it’s no wonder the suburb of Great Neck Plaza is among the most desirable places in New York for families as it is both safe and entertaining for children as well as the parents.