A blend of Southern charm, innovation, and cutting-edge culture, living in Mississippi can be quite a treat for the residents. Having a temperate climate and a plethora of waterways makes Mississippi a popular location among outdoor lovers.

Best Places to Live in Mississippi
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Best Places to Live in Mississippi

We cannot forget to mention the large forested parts, swamps, and beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. The casinos, colleges, and hospitals in Mississippi make up the top employers and there is a wide range of amazing places to choose from when it comes to settling in Mississippi. Having selected among the top few, below we have listed the best places to live in Mississippi to make the task of choosing easier for you. Read on to know more about these places. 

1. Madison

The lead city in Madison County in Mississippi, Madison is home to 25,160 residents. This is a pretty much wealthy area and this fact can be proved by the above-average house prices. Purchasing a house in Madison is not an exclusive act and the price lies at $237,000. It can be taken as a sign of satisfaction for the residents since 92% of people live in owned homes, which suggests that pretty few people are seeking to move away in a hurry.

Madison is not only the best place to live in Mississippi but it is also the best place for buying property and raising a family too. Being quite affordable and accessible, Madison should be on your list of places to settle in Mississippi.

2. Arnold Line

Arnold Line also has a pretty good reputation among the settlers and there are many reasons why. This small town in Lamar County is home to just 2,600 residents and people call this a quaint, cozy, and delightful town to live in.

For those seeking to rent a home, the marker here is a better one. Even though the average monthly rent is $100 higher than the national median, there are several rental properties out there. 39% of residents reside in rented homes.

 It won’t surprise you to read that Arnold Lane is a popular area among millennials since the median house prices are just at $138,900. In years to come, we can see this small town only gaining more popularity so you might as well call it home now when there’s more space available.

3. Ridgeland

The city of Ridgeland lies just south of Madison. Ridgeland houses 24,270 people but the cost of homes is far more affordable. Having a median value of $176,100, the house prices in Ridgeland are pretty reasonable than in Madison. And if everything about Madison was to your liking except the house prices, Ridgeland might be the right place for you.

With 30 establishments for the parents to choose from, this is a bustling school district and these are a few of the best schools in the state.

According to the local people, watching this town progress over the years has been bliss, and that even though the growth has been quick, the small-town feel still triumphs.

4. Clinton

Clinton is a city that is based in Hinds County and houses 25,475 happy residents. Local people would happily note that Clinton is just the right place for families as it offers 25 schools also it hosts plenty of entertainment facilities.

Another important part of the community are the college students who reside here for only parts of the year and the local people enjoy having them around.

Clinton and Ridgeland are somewhat lined up together and the only choice you have to make is whether you want to be north or west of the state capital Jackson.

5. Ocean Springs

A suburb surrounding the Gulf Islands National Seashore, Ocean Springs is a national park area and it stays as the pride and joy of the locals living here. Being the smallest town on our list, Ocean Springs houses only 17,500 residents which means that the beach is never too jammed.

Considering its closeness to the sea the average home value here is pretty good. Having a median cost of $146,800 you get a decent value for money here. You can be a pleased owner of an ample 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom family home for an investment of $124,900. That too will only be a few minutes from the beach.  

The second-best school district in Mississippi, Ocean Springs is also a safe and secure area even though the papers might show the crime levels as a drawback. The locals assure the safety of this place with a sturdy hint of Southern hospitality. 

6. Oxford

Oxford is located in Lafayette Country. Even though the average cost of houses is quite comparable to Madison with an average of $230,400. The average rent per month is what pulls our attention here. The median monthly rent is $807 in Oxford. So far this is the most inexpensive average rent on our list, so the inhabitants here get searching for rental real estate.

The millennials very much seek this suburb, mainly because of the affordable rents which they can begin to save to get on the property ladder.

Oxford isn’t as wealthy compared to the other areas but regardless of that, the median household income is $32,400 yearly. The crime statistics in the area are also ideally low.

7. Brandon

Brandon is a city in Rankin County, Mississippi and it is snuggled underneath Route 20. This place lies east of the state capital Jackson. For the people whose work takes them frequently to the city, Brandon is an ideal commuter suburb. The 22,800 residents living here are more than just happy with what Brandon has to offer them.

The crime in this area is also quite low and it is always mentioned by the local people how safe and secure they feel in this area. This is a pretty much family-oriented suburb with 10 exceptional schools in the area.

You can find everything you might ask for in Brandon even though it is a small commuter town as it has grocery stores, cinemas, along with parks. Cannot forget to mention, you can expect all the health provisions with a huge population as such. 

This area is more economically stable with average household income reclining at $71,900 on average yearly.