Minnesota is a diverse and beautiful US state that borders Canada and is situated east of Lake Superior. Known for its abundance of lakes, with over 10,000 in total, the state also offers a variety of other appealing factors, such as a relatively low cost of living and ample job opportunities. Additionally, Minnesota boasts excellent public schools and resources for young families.

Best Places to live in Best Places to Live in Minnesota
Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

If you are considering relocating, here are some of the best places to live in Minnesota:

1. Eden Prairie

A stunning town that only lies 30 minutes southwest of the vibrant Minneapolis, Eden Prairie is prosperous but non-exclusive. There is an amazingly diverse community of high-achieving residents, a total number of 62,626 living.

The average household income is $97,640, and it might come as a surprise that a whole town earns up to $50k a year. The resident satisfaction is high since most of them don’t have money worries.

What initially pulls families towards this place is the small-town feel but the fact that it is less than one hour away from the big city of Minneapolis gives youngsters access to a safe and bustling city to explore.

2. Edina

Initially called the City of Edina, Edina is located in Hennepin County. It is only a 20-minute drive from Minneapolis CBD. It can be considered a cozy suburb of the greater Minnesota Twin Cities.

Edina has a lakeside on every corner while the largest lake in the area, known as Lake Cornelia is surrounded to the north by Rosland Park.

In comparison to the national median, house prices here are quite steep but it is constant with the other suburbs of Minneapolis; which average at $404,000 making this suburb an ideal place for many families.

For schooling too, this comes off as an ideal district with more than 50 public schools to have a choice from. Parents might have a hard time selecting one outstanding school over another.

3. Chanhassen

Chanhassen lies just on the northeast of Eden Prairie and is home to 24,437 residents. This comes among the most affordable suburbs as there are always some incredible properties on the market.

That does not necessarily mean that this is a temporal area, there is a well-established, happy community here. Some residents have begun shifting onto pastures leaving plenty of amazing homes for you to choose from.

Some homes cost highly about a million dollars but also you’ll be able to purchase charming family homes for prices as low as $193k, which makes this amazingly diverse community all the more appealing.

4. Falcon Heights

Falcon Heights is a cozy and safe suburb of Minneapolis and is home to around 5,484 residents. Since it is among the city’s smaller neighborhoods, the crime rate here is very low and the people always look out for one another.

The median rent value is also noteworthy. As a tenant in Falcon Heights, you might expect to pay around $871, quite less than the national average. 45% of the people live in rented accommodation and it is enough to say that rental properties would be more fun than exhausting as you’ll have plenty of amazing choices to pick from.

Falcon Heights also houses The University of Minnesota campus and according to residents, the incoming students are only beneficial to the area.

5. Deephaven

Deephaven is quite a hidden gem. Since there are just 3,700 full-time residents, this tiny and comfortable suburb of Minneapolis is often on the pointer of newcomers to the state. This is somewhat of a pricey place to buy property but because almost all homes boast views of the lakeside in some capacity, you might hardly complain.

The sizes of the houses are also huge they can be termed mansions. With that in mind, the average home value of $539,400 might be reasonable.
The prices aren’t as scary to those living here as most families here earn upwards of $100k per annum.

6. Shorewood

If you prefer the lakeside feel of Deephaven but not the pretty high house prices, Shorewood might just be the place for you.
The house prices here average at a quite affordable price of $401,400 and several homes on the market stay near the $300k mark. With such details, you’ll be wanting to move in straight away.

This neighborhood is much more suitable for those who like to get outdoors and have an active lifestyle as it curves around Lake Minnetonka. Being close to Minneapolis’s city center means the residents here actually get the best of both worlds.

7. Dellwood

Dellwood is a tiny suburb of Minneapolis having an even lower median rent value, at just $444 monthly.
Only 6% of the residents here live in rented accommodation which means rental homes are scarcely available but you might want to be patient and wait for a rental property to become available.

Home to only 1,164 residents, there is a warm and friendly community here. The average annual income is around $160,000 a year, there isn’t much room for economic diversity here.

8. Minnetonka

Minnetonka is adorable both by its name and by nature. Since it is on the water’s edge of Lake Minnetonka, this suburb houses 51,240 residents. Although this is practically another suburb of Minneapolis, anyone living in Minnetonka would surely like to prove that this is quite an independent town.

Minnetonka has a pretty diverse community of residents; even though the wage here is below $80k yearly on average, the life of Minnetonkans is more than just comfortable.

Quite the compliment from locals living here is that, if they had the choice, they would choose to live their lives once again in Minnetonka. A perk for the parents is that this is an incredible school district that offers young people a flying start in life.