A dream country of many, France is a place worth visiting even if it’s for just once in a lifetime. It falls among the historical nations in Europe and is known all around the world for its beautiful cities, and towns, lakes, and mountain areas.

Best Places to Live in France

Best Places to Live in France

There is quite a lot to see and do in France and a simple visit will probably not be enough. You might have thought over the idea of living in France and if like many people around the world, you see a home in this country then you may want to start planning your move now.

You will love going through your options when it comes to living in France. After all, it depends on your own personality, needs, and what you expect out of your new home. If you have a family with children, that might bring a certain set of needs.

If you are retired, then your needs will probably be somewhat different. That is why here we have compiled for you some of the best places to live in France. Each city has its own reason for being on our list, and you’ll be able to judge the places based on what appeals to you the most and then begin planning your move.

1. Toulouse, France

When in Toulouse, you’ll have a lot going for you as this place is where many cathedrals are still standing, while it is also pretty to the Mediterranean Sea. You will never be lacking things to do when you begin living in Toulouse.

2. Nantes, France

Nantes is pretty much known for being a special place. Located in the western part of the country, this place has a storied history dating back to the days when it was an important port and industrial center of the whole region.

3. Nice, France

The name perfectly suits the place here as Nice is a city that is located exactly on the French Riviera. It is actually the capital of the region. You’ll fall in love with the pebbled shores that you’ll be calling home if you live here. For centuries, this place has attracted artists from all around the world.

4. Marseille, France

Another port city and equally a great place to live, Marseille is located in the southern part of the country. Dating all the way back to 600 B.C, this area has been an active trade route and till today you can still observe that.

The trading happened when the Greeks were strongly involved in the region. At present, you’ll be able to see numerous fishermen still plying their trade, and the historical architecture on display will be enough to keep you occupied for years. 

5. Bordeaux, France

A city that needs almost no introduction, Bordeaux is particularly known for its wine. This is a well-known wine-growing region and it is still very active at present. You’ll also come across many Gothic churches that are still standing here, along with numerous mansions that you get to still gaze upon.

In addition, there are some quite famous art museums that you’ll get to visit with regularity. Because of all of this and more, Bordeaux is a pretty popular place in France to live in.

6. Rennes, France

You’ll find yourself in the capital of Brittany when you live in Rennes. Located in the northwest part of France, this place can definitely be listed among the best places to live in the country.

As there are several reasons why you’ll love living here, among which falls a beautiful rose garden. The area is also filled with history, and it can be seen clearly by the number of museums and other attractions which you will get to enjoy. Being a resident, you will also have a selection of traditional houses to live in.

7. Grenoble, France

With so much happening for it, Grenoble falls in our list of best places to live in France as it is located in the southeastern part of the country and here, you will get to enjoy the cable cars that can run you from the town right to the top of La Bastille Hill.

This place once used to be a fortress that was used in protecting the region back in the 18th century. The city itself is situated right at the base of a series of mountains and stays amidst both the Isere and Drac Rivers.

8. Lyon, France

If you feel like you have heard of Lyon then it’s probably because you have. As it is the capital of the Alpes region, it stays among the more popular areas of the country.

This place is located just at the intersection of the Saone and Rhone rivers and it has more than 2,000 years of great history for the residents to enjoy. In Lyon, you’ll find yourself living in a cultural area that is the paradigm of French culture.

9. Montpellier, France

Located in the southern part of the country, Montpelier is only about 10 kilometers away from the Mediterranean sea. This means that here you will get to enjoy a nice coastal breeze all through most of the year.

This is a place where a great number of Gothic cathedrals are still standing. There is also a touch of modernism to the city, which makes it popular with digital nomads today. You will also fall in love with the artwork displayed in several places across Montpellier.

10. Paris, France

You might have guessed that Paris would make an appearance on this list at some point or the other. It is just an incredible place to live in the country. While it is an important city with plenty of crowded scenarios, you will also find that it has a great deal going for it.

There isn’t much of anything that you will not find here, making it ideal from a liveability perspective. Being a transportation hub in all of Western Europe also is a beneficial factor for this city which means that you can reach almost anywhere you want with relative ease.