Being an interesting, and diverse nation, England offers a wide range of living experiences that suits several groups of people. Regardless of whether you plan on living somewhere with an urban feel, a country village, a coastal town, or someplace that is soaked in history, you will find just the right location for yourself.

Best Places to Live in England

Best Places to Live in EnglandOpinion only forms half of what makes up a great place to live, experts often compare elements such as the outdoor spaces, the facilities, crime levels, transportation, education, and employment prospects. To find a suitable place for you in England, go through our list of 10 best places.

1. Salisbury, Wiltshire

Salisbury is a beautiful medieval city having incredible architecture, the major part of which is the cathedral. Even the modern businesses here are situated within historic buildings.

Its closeness to London and the coast is something that many people find appealing, as it is an hour and a half from London by train and it takes less than an hour to the coast. It is also an amazing place for families to reside as it consists of some of the best schools in the southeast of England.

2. Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

In 2019, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, was named as the best place to live in the East of England. This is a market town that has cobbled streets, timber homes, pastel-colored cottages, and has breathtaking countryside surrounding it.

Within easy traveling distance, you’ll find exceptional schools which is why families find this place attractive. This is also a culinary hotspot as the market town has incredible restaurants. The tranquil lifestyle attracts people working in surrounding towns and cities as it has exceptional transport connections to places such as Cambridge, Ipswich, and Stowmarket.

3. Isle of Dogs, London

If you’re planning to live in England’s capital, then it must be noted that Isle of Dogs has been ranked as the best to live in. This dockside district had a bad reputation in the past for being populated mainly by dockers and their families.

However, in recent years, this area has gone through a major and complete transformation and it has become a refuge for empty-nesters who enjoy the peaceful riverside shelter it has become.

Even though it feels quieter compared to many other London districts, it is located right against the London skyline and has you get to easily approach the commercial areas of London.

4. Edale, Derbyshire

Edale in Derbyshire has been described as a village with a community having a great sense of humor. Marking the start of the Pennine Way which is a well-known tourist attraction for hikers, the village is appraised by many for being among the most beautiful parts of England. As it is blessed with rolling hills that are freckled with trees and dry-stone walls.

5. York, Yorkshire

Regularly making its way onto lists of the best places to live in England, the historic city of York is an astonishing one. This city was traditionally famous for its history and architecture, but at present, it gets its reputation for being an extraordinary spot for hipsters and young professionals.

Having many activities for families to enjoy, is also a hotspot for families. It features an incredible culinary scene and a dazzling nightlife, in spite of its traditional appearance.

Also having become the primary ‘Gigabit City’ in the UK, York has an Internet speed of 1Gbps. For the quickly growing creative industries, it is a pretty useful attribute of this amazing city.

6. Kirby Lonsdale, Cumbria

Kirby Lonsdale in Cumbria is the regional winner for the North West region of England. This small market town still holds market days and it is cut up by the River Lune with both sides of the small town linked by Devil’s Bridge.

Tourists make their way to Kirby Lonsdale to relish with picnics by the river, paddling in the shallow waters, and skimming stones. The narrow winding streets here will lead you to several amazing places to eat and plenty of boutique shops.

It is bordered by the Lake District to the left, and the Yorkshire Dales to the right. This town is only a short drive from the City of Lancaster.

7. Petworth, West Sussex

For those preferring to live in a rural village with a sturdy sense of community, Petworth might be just the right place. This is a  pretty and traditional village that is reputed as the best place to live in the Southeast region of England.

It has its location in West Sussex, and the homes in this village reflect architecture from the different eras. Surrounded by the incredible South Downs, this village is freckled with farm shops and galleries.

8. Topsham, Devon

The best place to live in the Southwest of England, Topsham in Devon is a prosperous port town that once fell among the busiest ports in England, even though now, you are more likely to come across luxury yachts that line the harbor.

The properties are diverse, ranging from previous dockworkers’ cottages to the 17th-century Dutch gabled manors. The area has formed an image as a spot to have a nice time because of the incredible restaurants and the extended categories of outdoor leisure activities.

9. Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Berkhamsted is a place that can be considered posh or maybe even pretentious because of its desirability. It quite easily attracts wealthy residents. Transportation falls among the key attractions of living in this dazzling town, as traveling to London only takes 30 minutes on the direct line to Euston.

There are also exceptional road linkages with London and the nearby areas. The town has all the facilities that you might possibly require. Also being surrounded by picturesque countryside, the residents here get to have the best of both worlds.

10. Battersea, London

Even though it isn’t a part of the swankier bits of London, Battersea has gotten its ranking for being among the best places to live in England’s capital. It is located on the Thames River and has Battersea Park as its focal point, Battersea is a well-known place for families.

That won’t come off as a surprise since it offers a wide range of outdoor activity options, and has exceptional schools. There are several incredible restaurants along the river, making this a popular place to visit for foodies living in other parts of London.