Alaska is the largest among all fifty states, it is also the least populated. It is well-known for its diversity and for having beautiful landscapes. The winters here are icy cold, and the summers are hardly much warmer. Best Places to Live in AlaskaThe scenery here is breathtaking, you’ll come across true wildernesses, and catch a peak of grizzly bears while living in Alaska. Here we have listed the 10 best places to live in Alaska.

1. College

College has a population of 14,675 and it isn’t among the most densely populated areas of Alaska. The daily commute will be at easy access when living in College.

Even though there are a considerable number of job opportunities around here, several people find their way to Fairbanks to earn their living. College has a perfect location on Route 3 that will be taking you south, almost directly, to Anchorage.

2. Gateway

Gateway can be considered a part of Anchorage even though it is a 45-minute drive north of the city centre. It is located at the Borough of Matanuska-Susitna. The place is home to only 5,610 people.

The average price for housing is $271,300, which is quite higher than the national average but stays in line with the property prices around Alaska. With lots of decent job opportunities available here, the high cost of living and housing prices can be eliminated.

Adding to the perks, all of the public schools among the top ten schools in Gateway proudly rank a solid B-rating. The low crime rates and family-friendly environment add to the charms of Gateway as a place to live in.

3. Ester

Ester shares a border with College and is home to only 3,008 residents.

The community here is quite strong and takes pride in gardening. So if you’re someone with green fingers, Ester might just be the place for you. 

Not to forget. Ester is also officially the second-best place in Alaska for purchasing a house. It is quite understandable as the average home prices in Ester are $193,300, only $14,700 higher than the national average. 

4. Sitka

Sitka shares a major section of its perimeter with British Columbia, and it is spread over plenty of small islands such as Baranof Island and a fragment of Chichagof Island.

Anyone who visits Alaska must visit the Sitka National Parkas this stunning beautiful parkland has totem poles booted in it which mark the victory of the indigenous Tlingit people over Russia in 1867.

When it comes to its rich history, Sitka is quite an interesting place to live but we can’t forget the quality of the public schools and the family-friendly environment that this place provides. Known for being the safest place to live in Alaska, the neighbourhood in Sitka also offers some of the best schools in the state, this is an amazing place to grow your family.

5. Ridgeway

Ridgeway has a small and warm community that is pretty much country folk. On a sunny day, Lake Kenai is more than just picturesque. Shifting here might just be the perfect excuse to buy some camping gear and kayaks as well.

The house prices here are a little on the heavier side but with the lakeside views and woodlands free for exploration, the price tag can be understandable. For $385,000, you’ll be able to get a 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom house with a luxurious garden to match. Ridgeway has gotten the ranking for the best place to purchase a house in Alaska.

The schools in Ridgeway are great and since the population here is only 2,195, your little ones won’t go through much competition. 

6. Soldotna

Soldotna is located right under the neighbourhood of Ridgeway. This town proudly holds the Soldotna Creek Park, which is just the right spot for bird watching or a weekend picnic.

The crime levels here are quite below the national median which makes this town the right one for families. You’ll also find great public schools, reasonable job opportunities and plenty of social activities here, there isn’t much fault to be found in Soldotna.

7. Juneau

Juneau being the state capital has a population of 32,000 people, meaning we have certainly found our way back into the city limits.

As Juneau offers some of the best public schools in the state, it is the perfect option for parents looking to find a new home in Alaska.

The rich and thriving native culture is among the most enjoyable factors about living here as recalled by the locals. Adding to that, you’ll have access to the Tongas National Park which is an important selling point as well. Here you’ll have the choice of taking your family out into a wintery jungle over the weekend! 

8. Kenai

Kenai is a picturesque city that is well-known all over the world for its salmon fishing. The real estate here is more desirable, with an average rent below the national median at $900 monthly.

With weather permittance, the Kenai Municipal Airport has daily flights to Anchorage where you’ll have access to international flights and to mainland USA.

To buy a house, Kenai ranks well among the top ten best places. You can raise a family while having access to some high-quality public schools in the state. The only downside of living in Kenai will be the crime levels, as there have been a few cases of motor vehicle thefts and home burglaries, over the years. The locals here still consider Kenai a happy, safe and tranquil place to live.

9. Anchorage

Surrounded by the Kenai Fjords National Park and the Chugach National Forest, Anchorage has plenty of opportunities for you to explore. The population here is just below 300,000 people. Anchorage still proudly contains a tight-knit community vibe even though it is the most populated city in Alaska.

The area doesn’t come off as overpopulated by any chance as the city is so spread out. The locals often make jokes that it’s a massive village!

10. Palmer

Palmer is tucked under a curve in the Matanuska River. The Chugach State Park is only a few steps away and will provide you weekend after weekend of wild adventures.

Having gotten its name as the second-best place for Millennials in Alaska, Palmer has some of the most decent house prices in the state. The average rent here is on the national average of $920 a month.

The community vibe is stretched by the small businesses lining the High Street, keeping it local. You can always pop by for lunch on the go or maybe a cup of coffee in the morning.