Being a woman, it’s always important to find a safe place to live as there are lots of violence going on in the world. I hope, one day women, don’t have to search for suggestions for safer countries for a living.

Best countries for Women
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People and the environment where we live play a crucial role in maintaining our lifestyle. People would always prefer countries with enormous facilities and opportunities that make their life worth living. Despite few, many other countries are safe for females and solo female travellers to stay.

Here is a list of the best countries for women to live in in 2021.

1. The Netherlands

According to the news report published in CEOWORLD magazine, The Netherlands ranked as the best country for women. The people in the Netherlands are open and welcoming to new people, students, ex-pats.

They don’t hesitate to engage when you pass to the streets. Also, you can rightfully speak English in the Netherlands. There is no language barrier to communication. The country is considered a feminist country as there always occurs feminist activities.

They focus more on gender equality and, it has become one of the most discussed topics in media and organizations of the Netherlands. The government has ensured equal rights are opportunities for every woman and man living in the country.

2. Sweden

Sweden provides numerous benefits for women and got considered one of the safest countries for women. It offers free or subsidized parental care for pregnant women. Organizations in Sweden provide generous paid parental leave policies for both men and women in the entire world.

It also allows gender-neutral parental insurance, flexible school opening hours. Sweden has one of the highest employment rates in the world for women.

In Sweden, most women play the lead role in their families. Half of the country’s political ministers are women in Sweden. It also provides education equality for both males and females.

3. Norway

Norway is known to be one of the best countries for women as there is a low occurrence of violence and criminal activities related to women. The country has gender parity. There is accessibility to all kinds of work for women.

In Norway, equal opportunities in the professional field get provided to both men and women in the corporate world. Women get provided with numerous sexual and reproductive health benefits.

The government is working actively to safeguard women and allow them to practice rights related to reproductive health. Harmful practices like child marriage, son preference, genital mutilation gets prohibited by the law. The country focuses on three priority areas for women they are freedom, opportunities, and empowerment.

4. Denmark

According to the news, Danish women above 65 are the happiest women in the European Union. Denmark is known best for gender equality, income equality, progressiveness, and safety towards women.

They also provide LGBTI rights. Being gay in Demark is not a big deal. The country has already legalized sex marriage in 2012. People in Denmark always believe in the cultural importance of equality. Women can influence Danish politics since 1924 when Nina Bang became the first female minister in the country.

5. Canada

Canada is home to many solo female travellers. In fact, according to the global peace index, Canada is one of the 8th safest countries in the world posted in the Peace Global Index. Intimidation and street harassment are rare in Canada.

People in Canada are friendly, welcoming, and trustworthy. Also, if you are looking forward to staying away from hot countries, then Canada is a magical country for winter lovers.

Canada provides the best quality of life to women and has also got ranked #1 best country for women to live and work. Organizations in Canada facilitates with a pretty high salary to employees with enormous job opportunities.

6. Switzerland

According to the OECD, Switzerland is best for women’s rights. Switzerland focuses on women’s equality both at home and at the workplace. Swiss women have mentioned feeling safer walking in the streets of Switzerland.

The country has also recorded low rates of intimate partner violence. Also, public education is free in Switzerland, providing ease to lower-income group people.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand focuses more on gender equality in the population, education, political empowerment, and health, prioritizing women. Women make almost half of the paid workforce in New Zealand. Compared to 1.40 million men, there are 1.26 million women involved in the paid workforce.

However, more women are in part-time jobs compared to men. Also, according to the Global Wealth Migration Review in 2018, New Zealand got recognized as one of the safest countries in the world for women. New Zealand ensures both men and women get paid the same for similar work.

8.  Finland

As we know, women enjoy a high degree of equality and opportunities. Finnish women are more approachable and outgoing than men. Their position in society and the business is well-reputed and superior to that of women in other countries.

Finland actively promotes affording various rights to women and girls. It is also known as a gender equality pioneer. According to the data, almost one-third of entrepreneurs in Finland are women.

9. Iceland

If you are looking for an easy and safer destination, then you can think about Iceland. Criminal cases in Iceland are low compared to other countries. People rarely hear about travel scams in Iceland.

Women have equal rights as men. You don’t even have to get afraid about being overcharged by the taxi driver or misbehaviour. Almost 88% of working-age women have gotten employed in Iceland.

10. Germany

Germany is becoming one of the top career choices for women. They are providing women quota and are positioning themselves as a European pioneer in opening the career path for women. The cabinet is opening methods for women to reach the top in management by introducing a women quota.

After the foundation of women quotas in companies, women have to become members of the board of directors of the German companies.

Hence, these are the top ten best countries for women to live in as they provide numerous facilities and rights prioritizing women.