When it comes to living and working, we always prefer to stay and work at the best place. People always choose safety, a good environment, a better salary, and equal treatment wherever they go. Since the lockdown mode also won’t last forever, most job seekers already started searching for jobs within the top cities around Asia.

Best Cities to Live and Work in Asia

Best Cities to Live and Work in Asia
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They are prioritizing cities that offer health and safety of employees and provide flexibility and growth for opportunities. The top and most innovative companies in 2021 are the first choices for people to work and live. Similarly, for places, people would prefer to live in a place full of facilities and opportunities.

Let’s dig into some of the best cities to live and work in around Asia.

1. Singapore

Singapore is one of the best places to work around. It is also known as an economic centre. It has an impressive infrastructure that accesses low crime rates, amenities, and an enormous international community. The financial institution of Singapore is still moving forward.

There is continuity to hire tech talent that is on financial careers. There is a growing number of vacancies with rising demand for finance-related data skills. The city-state is hiring roles based on growth-oriented opportunities for international banks that have footprints in Asia.

2. Hong Kong

The main attraction of people that Hong Kong draws is from its career development and growth in the demand for new careers. Whether you are working in finance, trade, or in the field of technology, these areas offer you real growth and careers opportunities.

Hong Kong got caught up rivalling Singapore as the Asian innovative hub. It is growing and experiencing a boom in the fintech industry. With its vibrant ecosystem, Hong Kong has enabled fintech to develop and innovate.

It also has expanded to greater China and has created opportunities for jobs related to financial institutions. The fintech industry in Hong Kong plays a crucial role in the economic recovery post-pandemic.

3. Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Due to the innovation and evolution of technology, we can see rapid growth in digitalization. There has been a supreme shift towards online industries for retails due to lockdown.

There are various new roles in cyber security, eCommerce, supply chain and marketing roles Etc, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The country has also attracted foreigners to relocate for jobs. The city has also performed well in the Getting Settled Index.

The ease of living in Malaysia has impacted its growth in the job industries. The city also provides a relatively low cost of living. They don’t always prefer to speak the local language. There is high language flexibility in Malaysia. People often understand English.

4. Pune, India

India’s crucial metro cities like Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore have placed themselves on the global map of tech talents. They are getting inclined towards the digitalization era. After the post-pandemic, the world has completely changed and shifted towards the hybrid working environment.

Pune is also known as one of the favourite places to work because it can catch the spotlight as a growing place for an IT hub. It provides good quality of living, pleasant climatic conditions, robust tech-related infrastructures, and diversified job opportunities. It is also one of the lucrative options for migrating people.

Despite growing employment in Mumbai, people and students with tech talents are willing to move to Pune. It also got ranked on the number 12 in the City Momentum Index Globally.

5. Bangalore, India

Bangalore is among the top 14 leading global manufacturing and robotics ecosystems. It is considered the Silicon Valley of India.

It offers the highest salary for the top tech roles like AI, Full stack developers, data science, etc. The main pros for working in Bangalore are to have better infrastructure and an abundance of resources that helped many multinational companies to place their R&D centres in the city.

Different companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Nokia, Tesco has their R&D centre in Bangalore. There are abundant job opportunities in Bangalore. Also, the ecosystem of the tech hub of Asia is growing tremendously.

6. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is known for having more than average Expats in the city. It got ranked in 2020. The Thai capital also ranks among the top five of the Finance and Housing Index. Most of the American Expats always appreciate the life of the Expats in Thailand. It is less stressful than living in the USA.

The country provides enormous job opportunities with a good quality of life. There are highly lucrative jobs available based on your specialization. The work culture in Thailand is flexible and friendly. If you are a seafood lover, then Thailand is one of the best choices you can make.

7. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is also known as a major Nomad Hub. It is a good place for startups and new entrepreneurs. There are high opportunities for startups in Bali. Also, it can be a heavenly place for vegetarians.

The city is full of greeneries and beautiful views. The destination is also well known for meditation, yoga, retreats, and health classes. The culture of those people living in Bali is welcoming and polite.

8. Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi city is the cultural capital of Vietnam. Nomads can include Hanoi in their options. The cost of living in Vietnam is affordable. Hanoi is an underrated city in Vietnam as it provides colonial charm and beautiful cultural scenes to the Nomads.

It also offers numerous job opportunities with high demand for international workers. The city has a fascinating array of neighbourhoods and homes.

9. Manila, Philippines

The Philippines has friendly people and a warming ambience. It has locals that speak English, and they are culture friendly as well. It is a suitable place for establishing new businesses.

People also recommend visiting cities like Davao, Cebu in the Philippines as they provide facilities to foreigners. The city has diversified companies that provide job opportunities related to a different fields.

10. Tokyo, Japan

There are hundreds of available jobs in Tokyo, Japan. There is high demand for international workers and employees in Japan. The country is highly developed, which prompts open greater opportunities for job seekers.

Japanese people are loving and caring. They never discriminate among foreigners. They are always welcoming and polite to others. The developed country also provides better quality of life compared to other countries.