Undoubtedly, the past year has been a tough one for all of us. And it might have planted a strong, resolute urge in your mind to make a tremendous life change. If so, we are here to help you out with some ideas. For example, we have a list of the world’s vibrant and exhilarating cities you could move to next.

Best Cities to Start a New LifeWith things finally looking up in months as vaccines have started arriving, while a few flexible works from home approaches are also staying put, you might be in the ideal position to turn over a new leaf and move somewhere completely new. If that fits in your plan then here we have some cities you could ponder over to start a new life in 2021. 

1. London, England

As quoted from Resonance “London is still London and the pandemic has made us value other aspects of city life-critical things, like cool, breathable air, which is made possible by a city’s trees and its green, open landscapes,”.

Ranking 16th for its quality outdoor experiences, several of which arrive in the form of spectacular parks that are the legacy of dozens of previous country estates serving as hunting grounds for generations of kings and queens, London’s major sights may date back millennia, but the shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants in the capital continue to evolve almost on a weekly basis.

Whether you are bringing a family in tow, outdoorsy, or just hungry, there’s always a specific London neighborhood to go through and it will most possibly have a different look from your last visit. Everything from sleek new offerings like Vintry & Mercer to revitalized historic classics such as the Belmond Cadogan is there as hotel options for you. The best part is that they’re open during COVID with flexible bookings. 

2. New York City, United States

More than anything else, New York is a gathering space for brains and bodies at indecent proximity to connect with one another while creating sparks of genius, invention, and progress. As per Resonance, “New Yorkers at present, stand at the ready, together and alone, on their stoops and balconies ready to defend their city,”.

Having consistent ranks for its culture, New York came in fifth for museums, which as evidenced by the 2019 renovation of the Museum of Modern Art, are regularly improving. Also, there’s the brand-new Fotografiska photography museum, which opened in Manhattan’s Flatiron District at the end of the year.

While Broadway may still have its light shut till June 2021, New York certainly is no ghost town. You’ll be gifted with all the vibrancy needed to begin a new lifestyle.

3. Paris, France

Paris is a well-loved city by travelers worldwide and the Notre-Dame fire acted as a devastating reminder of that. The city is only getting better as preparations begin for the 2024 Olympics.

In the past year alone, there have been additions of 24 new hotels and improved infrastructure. Paris has always been known for its world-class art, shopping, and global cuisine.

As at present, swimming in the waters of the Seine is a thing at Bassin de la Villette public pools, even the locals who would usually leave town in summer have been hanging around. City Hall has also promised to establish five new outdoor swimming pools in time for the Olympics.

4. Moscow, Russia

Famous for its iconic attractions like Red Square’s colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral, this Russian capital is also one of the best cities in the world to fly in and out of. Resonance gives it the fourth rank for airport connectivity, which is a position up from last year.

Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International was recently named as the most on-time airport in the world in Cirium’s yearly On-Time Performance Review. Moscow has much to look forward to in the coming years, as quoted by Resonance “The first so-called “post- Soviet generation” of Muscovites has traveled the world, returning with suitcases full of ideas that they’re unpacking to huge effect in their always-proud city, sanctions are damned,”.

5. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo secured the number one spot for safety despite the occurrence of earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhoons. As noted by Resonance, “Tokyo continues to mesmerize global visitors with its innovation, efficiency and round-the-clock kinetic mobility,”.

Even at all hours of the night, there is quite a lot to explore and discover in Tokyo and this city has been ranked second for its amazing restaurants as it is home to some deal-breaking ramen.

The food here is so exceptional that it makes it a destination worth planning a complete trip around food. And you need not worry if most of your travel budget goes to eating. There are several affordable hotels in Tokyo for you to book. If all goes well, the rescheduled Olympics may also take place next year.

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is mostly associated with its record-setting skyscrapers and it well earns that reputation. When it is completed, Santiago Calatrava’s Tower at Dubai Creek will surpass the Burj Khalifa as the highest building in the world. You won’t also have to worry about spending your complete trip here indoors as according to Resonance, “It’s the outdoors that really clinched Dubai’s no. 6 overall ranking,”.

Ranking fifth in quality, this city offers outdoor experiences that have hit the Top 10 for both Safety and Weather. Having plenty of man-made islands, the emirate even holds a new nature-inspired shopping mall that includes a rooftop park and 200,000 total square feet of open-air gardens for exploration.

7. Singapore

According to Resonance, “The city-state continues its ascent among the planet’s most prosperous cities which is why Singapore’s reinvestment into research, talent, and corporate headquarters recruitment ensures it will be home to a sustainably wealthy citizenry for decades to come,”.

This city-state has been affectionately named The Little Red Dot, and it earns its top spot in several rankings for its people and infrastructure. Singapore has a high position in our listings for its famous hawker stall street food, its garden-like airport terminal, and the newly renovated Raffles Singapore hotel (now reopened), which has been welcoming travelers since 1887.

8. Barcelona, Spain

An almost ideal European city, Barcelona has near-perfect weather all year through, iconic parks, miles and miles of beaches, striking architecture, and vibrant neighborhoods that dance to their own beat that is artistic, sophisticated, and bohemian.

It’s no surprise that Resonance ranked it Top 10 in the Place category, which considers both natural and built environments of a city. Often taken as a showpiece for over-tourism, Barcelona’s popularity will definitely not lessen in 2021, mainly as its beaches and Gaudí’s iconic architectural landmarks hold tremendous luring power.

You might want to make a few reservations in advance, mainly for the biggest attractions in Barcelona.

9. Los Angeles, United States

According to Resonance, which gives the 7th ranking to this city in their Promotion category, “L.A.’s cultural and culinary leaders—so willing to step up and declare the city open for business after a series of natural disasters—will be called upon again soon,”.

In 2019, this city welcomed more than 50 million visitors from across the globe for its beaches, movie studios, museums, and star-spotting potential. But also having undergone a culinary renaissance, Los Angeles hosts two separate restaurant weeks to display the options.

An abundance of rooftop bars from downtown to West Hollywood are offered. And coastal communities like Venice Beach and east side spots including Echo Park that have raised their game in recent years can also be seen.

10. Madrid, Spain

This city has recently joined the Top 10 and is getting back on its feet after an extended lockdown. “Though at a reduced capacity, its dazzling museums have reopened and with recent expansions to the Prado, Reina Sofia, and Thyssen-Bornemisza,” as noted by Resonance.

Best explored on foot, the capital city of Spain welcomes you for strolls around its wide boulevards or to wander down the halls of the Reina Sofia or Prado museums. You might want to make sure to indulge in an afternoon siesta if you don’t want to miss Madrid’s nightlife scene.

It might even help you rediscover your love for late nights outdoorsy life and dancing at clubs in the city’s Chueca neighborhood. COVID has reduced a few of the activities, but the nightlife amusement in this city will bounce back when the virus eventually recedes. And you can always start afresh in this jolly city.