Being a travel entrepreneur, you must be sceptical about choosing the perfect city with a vast network of friendly people. Entrepreneurs prefer to select cities where there is access to capital, proper education.

Best Cities for Travel Entrepreneurs
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Places of networked businesses that are willing to work for larger companies would be a plus point. Entrepreneurs would also look for towns with a lower cost of living and a simple lifestyle.

Identifying the perfect place for travel entrepreneurs must be a difficult task. So, based on the most compatible and preferable sources, we have highlighted the top prioritized cities with maximum opportunities for Travel Entrepreneurs.
If you are the one, then let’s delve into it.

1. Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia is one of the best places for startups and to create new businesses. The city has a complete business environment with easy excess to resources with lower business costs.

Over the year, Georgia has become the hub for multinational corporations as well. The city provides convenient transportation and easy travelling. From the survey, the population in Atlanta grew 20.5 per cent more from 2000 to 2006, which opens more opportunities to establish a business.

With an increase in population, Altlanta is one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the country. One more fascinating factor that Georgia provides to entrepreneurs with tons of co-working spaces.

They have one of the most affordable co-working spaces like WeWork, SharedSpace, IgniteHQ, etc. Having a startup business do need capital to establish, you can use these co-working space and reduce the additional cost of rents at the beginning phase of your journey.

Also, Georgia rarely has shortages of resources. Your business will always find various opportunities to fulfil funding needs if it has a brilliant idea. They have a competitive Venture Capital ecosystem to satisfy funding needs for businesses.

2. Melbourne, Australia

People in Melbourne are more open and embracing new ideas and innovation compared to other cities in Australia. They have a culture of giving and taking strategic risks. Melbourne has a diversified business community with an immense network and skills.

From employees to customers, people in Melbourne desire engagement and prioritize new ideas and changes in their lives. People there have a strong “can do” attitude that attracts venture capitals and investors to make their business a success. Also, when it comes to population, Melbourne has a population of 4.1 million that sets a sweet spot of size for startup businesses.

3. Austin, Texas

The Texas capital Austin got names the #1 place for having numerous opportunities in America to start a business by CNBC. Also, Sungard Availability Service has rated it as one of the top cities for launching a technology startup. There are almost 44,163 small businesses in Austin that got recorded in 2013.

It is known as the best place to grow a small business and can get consumer’s reactions. The people and their culture living in Austin are homely supportive. They always look forward to celebrating the unique culture and convenience that startups provide.

4. Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden’s capital Stockholm is one of the most growing cities in Europe for startups. It also got recognized as the 8th most competitive city in Europe by the Economists Intelligence Unit. Globally recognized companies like Spotify, SoundCloud, Skype have their roots in Stockholm.

Swedish people are always welcoming towards entrepreneurship. They are open to testing new ideas and using them. It has accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, and hubs. Also, around 65% of Swedish people from age 18 to 64 believe the city has numerous opportunities for new businesses and startups.

5. Toronto, Canada

Toronto has the largest network of entrepreneurs. Its also home to lots of venture-backed companies like Wattpad, Wave, Shopify.

The government believes that small businesses are one of the integral parts of job creation and economic growth. The city’s startup ecosystem got built with a pool of well-educated and globally engaged entrepreneurs. Toronto allows you to have plenty of necessary resources without any shortages.

Additionally, it is one of the multicultural cities in Canada where people from different culture lives. The wonderfully diverse culture and religion of people in Canada will help startups to grab people’s attention. Companies will get the opportunity to get recognized globally.

6. Chicago, USA

Chicago is an underrated city for travel entrepreneurs. Businesses in Chicago can generate immense profit, stated according to PitchBook. 45% of investment produces about ten times more ROI.

The city offers ample networking scope for most business professionals. It has a hospitality environment for everyone who wants to open up a business.

7. Istanbul, Turkey

The thriving economy of Turkey provides one of the best opportunities in its city Istanbul. It has a geopolitical position and tremendous growth opportunities.

Istanbul has people from hard-working communities, which attracts foreign investors to satisfy funding needs. Also, the city is the key trading point for the east and west. Additionally, the Turkish government has voiced encouraging new startups and entrepreneurs the succeed in the growing economy.

8. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the attractive destinations with top-tier infrastructures. The city has a top tech ecosystem, friendly people, and a homely attitude.

People in Berlin are civilized and liberal. It makes one of the best places for top talented entrepreneurs from all around the world. It also has a successful infrastructure for funding and financing any business.

9. London, United Kingdom

London is one of the best places for entrepreneurs with no language barriers. It has almost 4300-9600 startups currently. London can capture and attract lots of new people with different cultures, unique talents, and diversified backgrounds.

It gives benefits to businesses that want global recognition. It has a connection related to travelling to almost all the countries around the world.

10. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is known as the king city for startups and new businesses. The most innovative tech giants like Apple, Google, Airbnb have made home to Silicon Valley. It provides a critical mass of investors with broad professional networks. The valley is known to have the most special entrepreneurship spirit.

Choosing one of these cities to build up your startup business as they provide opportunities and benefits for entrepreneurs would be a great idea.