When it comes to jobs and professions, people tend to think of those cities with high demands for that particular job. Work-from-home experience that the pandemic prompted has made people’s time flexible with the job. However, remote working jobs won’t make physical organizations disappear.

Best Cities for IT Professionals
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Except for Silicon Valley, the tech hot spot in the United States, there are still different cities where IT professions are high in demand. With the increase in competition for the Information Technology profession, the high demand for employees from their employers in the related field has increased tremendously.

Let’s dive into the top ten cities with high opportunities for Information Technology professionals.

1. The New York City

After Silicon Valley, one of the highly-rated places for IT professionals, New York City has been rated number 2 in having numerous opportunities for IT professionals. In 2019, NYC got the name “Silicon Alley” and outperformed San Francisco on the Savills Index. According to the annual Global Technology Industry Innovation Survey, NYC will probably reach the top as the hot tech hub in 2023.

The establishment of an extraordinary venture capital ecosystem allows plenty of startups to get funding for growth. Hence, it is the main reason for NYC to reach the top based on the tech industry. Also, according to Startup Genome, NYC brags about the highest number of AI and machine learning in a single metro area.

2. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is known to have many startups in the world per capita after Silicon Valley. Some of the big names are Monday.com, Wix, and Arbe Robotics.

It provides tremendous opportunities for machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, analytics, and cyber security. Its also known as the first country in the world to provide a Ph.D. in cybersecurity.

3. Melbourne

Even though Melbourne is not the largest city in Australia compared to Sydney and Canberra, it is one of the popular tech hubs in Australia.

It provides local businesses with different platforms that support access to investors. For those who are seeking to pursue their career in life sciences sectors within the IT spectrum, then Melbourne is a YES. Universities in Melbourne facilitate IT students with lots of opportunities as well.

4. San Fransisco/Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is always on the top list for IT professionals. In every list, they are usually able to place themselves at the top position.

Some of the largest tech companies like Apple, Google, Tesla, Netflix, Airbnb, Robinhood, Uber, and many more consider Silicon Valley their home.

The city creates the center for all innovative companies to become extraordinarily profitable. It has been able to place a competitive advantage over other countries.

5. Beijing

Beijing is one of the best cities for tech careers among the cities of Asian countries. It has two highly ranked universities in the Asia Pacific regions, Peking University and Tsinghua University.

Along with IT, Beijing also takes the top spot in Internet Professionals Hub. Also, employees in Shanghai work under professional services with the highest salaries in the country. China also has its organic product in the information technology sector like Baidu and Xiaomi which signifies technological success in their DNA.

6. Tallinn

For those looking to work in quieter cities rather than bustling, crowded cities, then Tallin is a go-to city. Estonia’s capital city Tallinn is one of the well-known places for cyber security professionals and IT experts. No other city has more startups per capita than Tallin in all of Europe. It is also home to European Union’s IT agency.

After the coronavirus outbreak, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund said that there is high demand for programmers and IT engineers in Estonia. Estonia’s tech sector has employees of around 20,000 people but, they are still short of 7000 skilled workers. Hence, they have the maximum demand for tech specialists.

7. Berlin

Berlin is one of the best places to live for students, women, and young professionals in different fields. People in Berlin have civilized culture as well as the cost of living in the city is relatively low.

The infrastructure of Berlin is beautiful. For Information Technology jobs, Berline provides lots of job opportunities at Fintech companies like N26, Sumups, Sound Cloud, etc.

The CEO of Factory Berline also says that the city has surged into the European hub for IoT, Blockchain. Tech giants and talents can solely solve problems for the growth of the economy and technology.

8. Bengaluru

If you are looking to get employed at Amazon and Microsoft, then Microsoft Bengalore allows employees to work with them and invite employees to follow their passions. Tech jobs are one of the highest-paid jobs in Banglore.

There is a tremendous increase in machine learning because of the increasing computer’s average processing power. Apart from machine learning, the blockchain industry based in the IT field is also growing these days.

It is one of the highest-paid jobs in Bangalore. Also, IIT Bangalore has a blockchain certification program where you can easily enroll and learn all the concepts and relevant skills to master the blockchain industry. Bengaluru is also home to Infosys, Mindtree, and Tata Elxsi.

9. Cape Town

Cape town has been producing the most successful tech companies like Vodacom, Amazon, Media24, PwC. South Africa always has a mixture of tech talents, startups, infrastructure, and universities.

Numerous job vacancies are occurring in cape town every day. It signifies the demand for IT professionals in South Africa. With the evolution of technology, every firm requires IT professionals to handle part of their operations.

10. Dallas/Texas

IT jobs in the Dallas area has expected to grow by 3% from 2020 to 2021. Software development and mobile application have formed the core part of the IT ecosystem. Emerging tech companies are improving and reaching the next level of growth in Dallas.

With the evolution of tech companies, the demand for IT professionals is increasing day by day in Dallas. Also, Dallas allows professionals to live there as it has a lower cost of living than other cities. Today, tech professionals are finding opportunities and quality of life there.

Hence, these are the top best cities providing numerous opportunities and facilities for Information Technology professionals. It will help to build a bright career path in the future.