With several people seeking to live abroad, many have cities in Europe, America, and Asia in their list of choices. The will to resettle at a new place comes from a desire to stay in a city offering a decent road network, electricity, and other social facilities along with opportunities for economic growth.

Best African Cities to Live inSuch young aspiring citizens ironically leave behind many different cities in Africa, the cities that are surfacing markets where the actual opportunities they’re seeking are located. They shift towards cities having a saturated economy with a lack of new opportunities for fresh immigrants.

These stunning African cities are great places to live in as they provide you with security, they are surfacing markets with several prospects for business and career, and they have the fundamental infrastructure along with many different attractions for recreation. Not to forget, there’s the constant warmth of African friendliness and hospitality. 

Below we have listed the 10 best African cities to live in:

1. Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg is considered among the wealthiest modern cities in Africa as it has plenty of opportunities for investment and career. The airport here falls on the list of the best in the world and this place houses the greatest man-made forest in the entire world.

The inner cities here are tidy and you’ll get to visit plenty of high-quality shopping malls, international hotels, and restaurants. To sum it up, Johannesburg is a stunning city to live in.

2. Windhoek, Namibia

Since Windhoek is home to plenty of governmental institutions, it is considered the economic, social, cultural, and political capital of Namibia. It has a bustling business district having trendy shopping malls, bars, and restaurants. It has plenty of healthcare services and several good educational institutions. You’ll find life in Windhoek very pleasing. 

3. Tunis, Tunisia

With an average person having a life span of 74.6 years, Tunis has a high life expectancy and it has been named as the second happiest place to live in Africa. It is also among the primarily Muslim city to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city has a constantly increasing manufacturing sector and the gross domestic product here is on the increase.

4. Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi has been preferred for use as the base for several operations in East Africa and Africa at large by plenty of multinational companies. For example, companies like Rockefeller Foundation and General Electric selected Nairobi as their anchor city for their operations in Africa.

The housing costs in Nairobi are affordable, the internet connectivity here is among the best in Africa. With a promising technology market, and the city having good social facilities along with exciting attractions, you’ll find yourself drawn to this city. The only downside here might be transportation as it is preferable to have your car.

5. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The economical and political never center of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam has been named as the third fastest-growing African city. The people here get to enjoy tropical weather all year round. It is home to the oldest and the largest, very famous public university in Tanzania known as the University of Dar es Salaam.

You’ll get easy access to education here since primary education is free. Not to forget, this city is blessed with stunning attractions, amazing things to do and see, while the people here are welcoming and you’re sure to have some memorable experiences.

6. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town will present you with every amenity and luxury that could be found in the most developed metropolitan cities of the world. Which explains why the city keeps winning several awards.

It is an especially vibrant city having its location close to several vineyards which produce some of the best wine that money could buy and the city has its position between mountains and the ocean. It is also the core of the digital and insurance sectors in Africa.

7. Kigali, Rwanda

There is a large percentage of ex-pats among the 1 million residents of Kigali, Rwanda. The major business district has plenty of modern architecture that springs up in recent days among which falls the new 20-floor, New Kigali tower that can host several offices and departmental stores. As a great attraction for tourists, the diverse wildlife of this nation works wonders.

It is also home to exotic mountain gorillas. Being an abundant place, Kigali offers you wonderful housing development to live in. The weather here is decent most of the time and there are different categories of exciting activities and good social facilities for the residents. You’ll find that the people are always friendly and very welcoming.

8. Kumasi, Ghana

A host to one of the biggest markets in West Africa, having over 10,000 stalls, Kumasi is a city with several beautiful flowers and exotic plant species which is the reason why it gets its name as “The Garden City”. Kumasi is located in the Ashanti region and people from there are known for their legendary hospitality and warm friendliness which makes it easy to understand why it is very much a livable city.

9. Libreville, Gabon

The largest city of Gabon, Libreville boasts a literacy rate of around 90 percent. The lifestyle of the people here has been much influenced by the French, explaining the city’s stunning architecture and monuments, grand boulevard, and stylish patterns of the city in general.

Its extraordinary features have an inclusion of the natural landscape, amazing beaches, parks, and nature reserves, making living in Libreville feel like a permanent holiday. Keeping the beautiful attractions aside, the city is quite developed and urbanized with facilities to serve the people. Likewise, it doubles as an oil city with an investment that possessed the mining sector in recent years.

10. Lagos, Nigeria

Known as the most populated city in Nigeria, Lagos is the city of aquatic finery. It has been soaked in history and culture and contains a remarkable array of brilliant architecture and stunning attractions.

The city is considered the main economic spirit of Nigeria, even though it is not the capital city of the nation. It has the sturdy presence of notably prominent companies, educational institutions, and high-class amenities. With friendly people and the promise for the creation of unforgettable experiences, this city is quite an interesting place to live in.