Sweden is a Scandinavian nation with a huge number of coastal islands and inland lakes. There are also vast boreal forests and glaciated mountains to consider. Its principal cities, eastern capital Stockholm and southwestern Gothenburg and Malmö, are all located near the coast. Stockholm is shaped on 14 islands.

Interesting Facts About Sweden
Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

There are more than 50 bridges here, along with the medieval old town, Gamla Stan, royal palaces, and museums including the open-air Skansen. Keep reading to know more facts about Sweden.

1. Among the World’s Strongest Passports

The Sweden passport can give you entry to 123 countries in the world without a visa. And you can obtain a visa on arrival to another 33 countries.
The Swedish Passport gets the 6th ranking in the latest ranking of the best passports in the world at present.

2. Two Third of Sweden is Covered by Forest

You might probably know that Sweden has tons of forests, but the fact is that 2/3 of the entire nation’s land area is covered by forest with a total area of 280 650km sq.

¼ of the land is owned by private companies while half it is owned by private people. The forested area here includes tree plantations too. This means, while living in Sweden, you will have more than just enough greenery to bask in, any time you want.

3. The First Country in the World to Ban Smacking

It has been forbidden to smack your children since 1979, which means that Sweden was the first nation in the world to make a law against flogging. Another 35 countries around the world have done the same, following this good example.

4. The Highest number of Mcdonald’s Restaurants in Europe per capita

Even though the Swedes aren’t known for being unhealthy or obese, you will still find the highest number of Mcdonald’s restaurants per capita in all of Europe. Meaning that there certainly isn’t any shortage of fast food here.

That being said, several fast-food chains have tried to build themselves in Swedish cities but most of them have failed.

5. So Good at Recycling that it even Imports Other Countries’ Waste

Another bright fact about Sweden is that the Swedes are so good at recycling, they nowadays import garbage from other nations and make tons of money from it at the same time.

For example, Sweden imports waste from Norway. Swedish waste recycling is known for holding one of the highest standards in the world. There is, however, a lot to still improve as only 20% of all plastic waste is recycled, while the rest gets burned.

6. Sweden’s ICEHOTEL

This might be the coolest thing about Sweden on this list, literally! The ICEHOTEL is situated in Sweden’s Arctic Lapland region and it is kept at a steady -4°C inside to conserve all the hand-sculpted ice artworks and ice furnishings.

You could stay cozy with a thermal sleeping bag, bed linens of reindeer skins, and layers upon layers of warm clothing if you plan on staying as an overnight guest. If you’re someone who enjoys the cooler side of climate then you might be up for a night in an ice room!

7. Beautiful and Distinct Seasons

In a year, Sweden swings from one end of the daylight spectrum to another, all thanks to its northerly latitude.

The northernmost region of this nation experiences a phenomenon known as the midnight sun at the peak of summer. This is when the sun doesn’t entirely dip below the horizon, forming 24 hours of daylight.

Further south, for instance around Stockholm or Gothenburg, this forms “white nights”. This is when the sun goes under the horizon but only so much that it’s not completely dark at night or not dark for a long period. That being said, you might want to bring an eye mask to sleep for your summer tour of Sweden.

But the days then grow darker when the wintertime comes. And it depends on how far north you go, how many hours of darkness you will get to experience.

Since the long nighttime darkness creates just the right conditions for hunting the northern lights, it’s not all that bad.

8. Secular Sweden

Those who are living or studying in Sweden know this of all the things Sweden is known for. You’re free to be you!

The Church of Sweden has been separated from the state since the turn of the millennium even if it is Evangelical Lutheran. From other Christian denominations to Buddhism, you’ll come across many other religions represented here.

There is a large Jewish community here while Islam is a growing religion. Yiddish is among the five recognized minority languages in Sweden.

9. The Swedes Invented Nicotine Replacement Gum

You might want to give thanks to Sweden if you or anyone you know has ever given up smoking with nicotine gum. The first product known as Nicorette was formed by Leo AB in Helsingborg. It was followed by the observation that smoking Swedish submariners would make a switch from tobacco to chewing tobacco or snus to obtain their nicotine fix while being on duty.

Nicorette wasn’t the first time someone added nicotine in chewing gum but what they did do was construct a polymer that managed the deliverance of nicotine into the bloodstream which makes it possible to control levels allowing for an assisted release and a steady withdrawal, helping millions of people quit for good.

10. A Swedish Drink Outsells Coca-Cola

It might come as a surprise that a brand such as Coca-Cola takes a backseat in Sweden, at least during Christmas. While different nations enjoy traditional festive drinks, such as Egg Nog or Mulled Wine, Sweden’s yuletide drink of choice is a carbonated beverage, or soda, called Julmust.

Being fermented and alcohol-free, Jumust is a malt drink similar to root beer. 45 million liters of Julmust are consumed in December when it surmounts the sales of Coca-Cola and every other soft drink brand combined. A fair warning, you might just as well get addicted to Julmust if you ever visit Sweden and give it a try.